Thursday, April 10, 2008

She's Outa Here!

Just a quick note.. I am going out of town until Saturday evening... on a scrap booking getaway.. yes, a fun tryst at a beautiful resort near Joseph, Oregon.. as in Wallowa Lake.. where winter is worse there than here! Dang...

I'm supposed to leave at 12:30pm, and right now it's close to 9 am...

I am no where ready... here's the naked truth:

  1. I am not packed! Clothes or scrap goodies. I could easily spend the next three hours getting my scrap act together. HA
  2. I have no idea what projects I am going to work on - a vague one.. a Walsh Girls 'when we were young' album, but none of my sisters sent me any of their favorite photos! Curses!
  3. I am missing the kid's Art Show & Auction tonight, but 'get to' drop off an auction item (scrapbook basket, of course!), and appetizer before I leave. Me and my big mouth..
  4. I am now printing tons of photos (2 inches, just for 'what goes here) for #2
  5. Supposed to get to town and take care of a few things.. NOT likely to happen.
  6. Need to mail off Cards for Heroes!
Gads I am stressed... Drives me crazy! One would think that it would be easier to stay home and scrap, but to be honest, I would only get 1 hour a day in due to all 'that other stuff', like, cooking and cleaning and being available for everyone's whims...chores, and work! So out of here I will try to get.. wish I could just pack up my craft room, it would be so much easier than picking and choosing papers, stamps, inks, tools, glues, photos.
I know it will be 'just fine' when we get on the road.
Oh well.
Catch you all later!


ScrappyPam said...

Hope you have a wonderful time. We could make a fortune if we can come up with a "craft room in a bag"!!

noble pig said...

I love scrappin weekends. My husband would never believe we scrapped the whole time! But we did. He doesn't get the addiction.

Dawn said...

Have fun!!


barbra said...

I clicked over from your comment on iambossy... because my dad grew up in Heppner and I visited my grandparents there every summer. I had no idea there were any bloggers in Eastern Oregon!
My husband's grandma lives in Baker City!