Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dryer Woes and Teasers

Well.. I broke my dryer yesterday.

I was cleaning gum out of it (men folk)... and went to spin the drum, and 'bang'! Since I am left handed, I spun the wrong way!

Now my dryer does not spin... and my DH won't fix it unless I take it apart for him.. Hmm.. If I wanted to do everything by myself I would not have gotten a husband, silly! (as in things I would love to say, but don't!)...

C$(P! So, been doing some online research on how to take apart a Kenmore Series 80 Electric Dryer..(need all those words - I found out). I'm there... but dang, my day is wasting away (wish I was in Margarita ville instead)!

It's 9 am.
Have to feed lambs again at 9:30 am
Gotta leave for Boise (yep, hooking up the sausage man again!) at 12:30!
And, have a little boy home from school... Dang those allergies/colds/runny nose things!

So my friendly reader(s), once again you will have to wait until 'later' for all my fun photos and shares!

Here is the growing list of teasers:
  • Mothers Day Card I sent out (I did not photo the bracelet - assuming all landed safely!)
  • Hero Arts Background Cards (2)
  • Birthday Flowers Photos
  • Silly Things My Kids Have Said recently
  • Spy Photos - Kid Stuff
  • Beautiful Gifts from Jacqueline!
  • RAK Winner! (COULD BE YOU!)
  • RAKs I recently received!
So there! You have to wait!

And, yes, it is raining again!


Dawn said...

I wonder if you ever rest??? Can't wait to see all the posted goodies.

*karendianne. said...

You sausage head! :)

This "deal" you made with DH to break down the dryer is a bummer deal. I'll tell you what I think about a Series 80 Electric!

Provocative Love, *karendianne.

Jenn Biederman said...

Oh Andi! I feel for is not fun to have electrical appliances break down. I hope you can figure out how to fix it! Don't work too hard! Our dishwasher is on the fritz right now...course, my DH is in no hurry to get it fixed since he has me! :) Just checking in on my Hero Arts friend! Take care! Jenn

Sandy said...

Oh my, now you have to fix dryers too? That stuff IS what we get men for!! you make me feel like maybe I didn't miss out on that much by staying single, lol. :)