Sunday, May 11, 2008

Two Moms One Baby Shower

The Ever so Decedent 5 layer cake!
This poor baby had to wait until 3:30 to get cut! It was killing me!

The Mommies and Their Quilts (Andie is on the left, Maria on the right)

Can you find my sheep? On Andie's quilt it is the third block in the second row.
On Maria's quilt, it is the third block in the first row.

These two mamas are part of our school PTCO team! Awesome mamas, and about 15 -20 years younger than Michelle and I! Michelle is my BFF (Remember? The other ranch mom who has twins?). We are the older moms 'on the team' who tease the younger moms all the time! And, we love it. I found the perfect Mother's Day gift for Michele. It's a cup that reads "No, I wont make 4 dozen cookies, Any more Questions?". It's her new PTCO mug to display proudly at our monthly meetings! (Michelle is always stepping up to the 'baked goods' plate for our school fund raisers!)

We were all in tears when Andie opened her quilt
Andie's mother, Jackie, had submitted several photo blocks for the quilt. The blocks had photos of Andie as a baby, along with lots of photos of Jackie as well as Jackie's mom with young Andie.

Check out this baby sock bouquet!
Stacy, our hostess is our local 'Martha Stewart' of the West!
(I just love that cowhide chair in the back! Her entire house is very western!)
And that's Michelle's arm. Isn't she gorgeous?

The shower was beautiful! Our hostess really went all out with a beautiful custom ordered cake, chocolate fountain and mondo fruit platter, as well as a tasty Mexican style chicken guacamole salad.

The shower started at 1pm. The girls opened their gifts first, games were played, and we ate about oh, 3pm. I'm sure if I was hungry, those poor mamas must have been starving!

I am sure Jackie, Andie's mom was with us in spirit. My heart goes out to Andie and her family. At this time of Mother's Day and a new baby due June 9th.

** This remainder of this post is very emotional! Tissues Required! **

Jackie passed away this past Wednesday. She was a mom that was in all of our lives. Andie is our 'Chili Feed Chair' for our little school, and she and her mom have been our cooks for several years. Jackie is also the sweet mama who I am sure I wrote about earlier. She would sneak special Pepsi concoctions to me while I was manning my raffle booth. She and I share a 'rebel' streak! This year, we found out about Jackie's battle with cancer right before Christmas. Stacy (the baby shower hostess) and Maria (Mama #2) cooked Christmas Dinner for Andie's family. Andie and Jackie were in Boise, at the hospital Christmas Day, and would spent many days there over the winter - driving back and forth through horrid conditions - for various surgeries and treatments.
Jackie had a brain tumor removed Christmas Eve. She had a brave fight, and at this year's February Chili Feed, she was right there with all of us. She was an awesome, beautiful, 'take no prisoners' kind of woman. And, she had a beautiful, close, wonderful relationship with her only child, Andie. They lived within minutes of each other, worked together, and traveled to Mexico with all of Andie's kids and their husbands each spring. This year Jackie made it to Mexico.

I hope that Jackie is playing on the beaches of Mexico now, and enjoying the sun that she loved! Her spirit was a strong one, and she was a Mother to admire.

Happy Mother's Day Jackie. You will be missed by those who loved you, and were touched by your joyful spirit!


Jacqueline said...

You have such a moving way of journalling - I'm usually captivated when I read your posts! Those cards are so precious you made - you seem to have nice precious moments with your friends too. TFS

Dawn said...

I am so sorry about your friend!! I hope you find comfort in the memories.

Lauren said...

Ditto what jacqu said about moving!

Sorry about your friend!!!