Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Time Favorites

Summer View of the Sheep

I made this card for this last week's Hero Arts Blog challenge.
We were asked to make a card that captured what summer meant to us.
I got the bright idea to take my card outside for a photo shot, to actually capture my summer, then had lots of fun putting it in different places in the backyard!
I'm thinking I might take it to the markets this week, and to the water park tomorrow!
Getting some wild and crazy ideas here - to capture one week of summer...

Summer in the Grass
Our summers are all about grass and water.
Grass for the animals, grass in the yard, water for the grass, water for the animals.
Mowing grass.
Grazing grass.
We are grass farmers.

Summer Sitting in the bench by the Apple Tree
Sprinklers in the background, my favorite birch tree also in the back,
and the trampoline (not visible) is behind the bench.
You can barely see the wheel line sprinklers in the far background.
The kids are in charge of helping move those babies!


Ranch Log... Monday, July 21st.
High today is to be 90 degrees. Low 57.

'Summa' has officially landed!

I LOVE summer... not the 90 degree stuff that we will have today, but the fun part of summer. Summer for me is: Being outdoors, the smell of fresh cut grass, all the new baby critters, the kids playing and laughing, farmers markets, naked toes, fun bright vibrant colors, late to bed, not in a hurry to wakeup, fun breakfasts, pools, parades, parks ...drinking morning coffee on the deck, watching the moon at night. Plus, sneaking in a fishing trip, camping trip, and of course a city school shopping trip! Yep. Love me some summer.

Ranch Update:
The kids started their summer irrigating job this weekend. They are going out at 7 am and 6pm to help their dad move hand lines and wheel lines in the field south of the house (seen in photo with bench). I'll have to capture a photo of their 'work'. They are so tiny compared to the sprinker(s)! Patchie and I took the opportunity this morning to go for our run/jog while everyone was irrigating. The sky is very hazy. I think some fires must have hit yesterday. Yet, the run/walk was so nice..a great way to start the day. A perfect zen moment.

Vacation Day Update:
Well we missed last Wednesday's vacation day due to the boss having us work sheep again from 10 am until 2pm. Did I share that with you? I almost passed out. Got a serious dizzy spell (and nausea) from lifting those huge a** lambs (geeze, I think they are getting up to 5o lbs!)... Lifting one is 'ok', but one after another after another in the heat? And it's not just a 'bend over and lift' job. NO... It's a 'chase the lambs, get hit by the ewes and make your way over to the table with the big fat lamb. Anyway, there I was, lifting a lamb, hefted it up, and then held my breath so the fumes from the screwworm spray wouldn't make me sick. (I already had iodine in my face!). My heart must have been pumping too much and not getting oxygen. Poof! I was outta there! While I sat down to recover, in the 'safe' area, Jake got ran over by a ewe. He was face down in the corral. I was yellin' for someone to get him up so he would not get trampled by the rest of those nasty girls! Poor little buddy... he was crying.. after we were done, we went home. I still had to make lunch! So, it was 4pm when that was truly over. Gads. What a vacation day that was...

Oh .. so back to vacation days! So we took a rain check, which we cashed in yesterday! We hooked up with Michelle (BFF) and her kids (the twins) in Baker for the Miner's Jubilee festivities... aka, vendors, food, and duck raises. The kids bought polished rocks and gems, and I bought a tie dye wrap around short skirt and super cute bohemian dress and some new linens! A banner shop fest. My inner hippy chick always comes out in the summer!

Tomorrow we are going to the water park in Pendleton (1.5 hours away) again with M and the twins! I usually do these adventures all by my lonesome.. Yahoo! Another mom to hang with while the kids are doing their thing! What a treat to have a big person to talk to on the long drive! Hope to take lots of fun photos...

Have a great summer day!

Card Supplies/Recipe:
Hero Arts Stamps: Clear Design Month August (Sun, Fun, & Beach Umbrella used with Versamark as background).
Sentiment: SU stamp.
CS: WorldWin Double Mates Meri-Gold
Prima Flowers & Prima pp.
Buttons: SU
Ink: Ranger Distress
Pen: Spica

I created the background on the card stock with some of the stamps from the Hero Arts Clear Design Month 'August'.


noble pig said...

Okay I love your latest creation and may actually have to make! Love it!

Jacqueline said...

You got some great shots of your card with the summer backdrops - really refreshing! I'm a fan of your journalling.
BTW I did remember to fill in a customs document for the box so that should not be a blockage - I'm quite worried and sorry for you if it doesn't arrive. But I'm keeping the faith for it!

ScrappyPam said...

Just love your summer card photo shoot! And is it ok to say that I'm exhausted just *reading* about all you do??

Dawn said...

You do more in one day then I do in a month. YOur summers sound sooo fun! Love the card!

Penny said...

Great summery card! I like your styling of it :) Well, you are having an eventful summer holiday - I love reading about it all!

Tracy said...

Very pretty summery card! Great idea to photograph it outide with different back drops.

Anne said...

Love how you took your card on a fun photo shoot to all your favorite summer places! :-)

Vintage Papers said...

your card is just beautiful! I love seeing your ranch and family...honestly your day wears me out just by 7am! :)

Kerilou said...

Your card is perfectly sunshiney, and I love all your scenery. I would have tried to pass out, too...that sounds rough!!