Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cowgirl Up! August Fat Book Pages - A

August Fat Pages

This months' theme for the Fat Book Swap
(Sponsored by Roni, of Ink Stains)
is Cowgirls and Independent Woman.
Here are a few of my cowgirls! (I'll share my Independent Woman on another post).
We have to make 10 of each disign so my embellishments differ on each page.
Just depends on what is in my 'stash' of theme related goods.
(Click on the photos for a bigger view)

Isn't She Just a Vixen?
I love retro Art! Too darn fun..
Supplies Used (on front):
Stampin' Up: Wheel (Bronco), Hardware (star brad), twine
Making Memories: Brad (the one on the left)
PP: Daisy D's (the back page shows the pattern, the 'front' here is solid).
I don't know the source of the 'barn wood' or 'tree' pattern paper.
Inks: Ranger Distress! Love that stuff.
Image: Pulled off the web.
Text typed in word.

The Back
Stamp by Stampin' Up (Bronc Buster Set)
Ink: Stazon (Midnight Blue)
Text typed in word

Thursday's Thoughts:
And so, there you have it. I finally squeezed in some time for one of my committed projects. I am so far behind! This month has been a crazy 'go fast' month. I can't believe it's already August 28th! GADS! The kids go back to school on Tuesday, my husband's birthday is Saturday and tomorrow I drive to Boise (again - that's the 5th time this month!) to meet The Sausage Man (it kills my sister every time I say that!).. oh.. and I have a market tonight!

Missed Dates:
I missed a few important dates! My super sweet lifelong BF (Erin) had her birthday, and my super sweet BF from my career days (Rebecca) also had a birthday.. Gads.. I am falling behind.. Not only that, my husband's sister turned 50 last week!!! Missed that one, too. Sherry and Dick are one year apart.. So that means my husband will be 50 next year! Oh I can't wait for that party! Gonna be a whopper... if I have my way, that is... OH.. I also missed my 1 year blog-anniverary... that was August 5th. Oops! I'll have to do a RAK later... behind on those, too!

Might as well just kick myself in the rear with all the things I am falling behind on! Geeze...

Weather Report:
Boy, has the weather been gorgeous! Super crispy cold mornings, (high in the 30's to low 40's), sunny beautiful days, and cold crisp nights... We sleep with the windows open, and we are gradually closing them.. Each night the 'opening' gets smaller and smaller, the sheets get colder, and we are burrowing deeper into the covers... Fall is creeping in... (although yesterday was a cloudy cold day until about 3pm.. it was 65 degrees in the casa! Brrrr!)... The 'light' (angle of the sun) is so darn beautiful.. I love my early morning chores - catching that early crisp scent of the air. Just gorgeous. Fa la la la la! I LOVE fall!

Kid Report:
Soccer season has officially began. Our first practice was Tuesday night, and the kids go again tonight (BFF Michelle will pick the kids up from the market).. Their first game is September 6th! (Oops, I'll be in Boise, so gonna need BFF and Mr. Dad to work together on kid logistics!)... As you can see, there's a scheduling and balancing act going on. For six weeks I'll be juggling kids, their school and the markets... This is when I really need to be organized! Oh, yeah... And the kids have a new school schedule. Our school is going to a 4 day school week.. No Fridays... Which is good for us. This means the Thursday night practices or games or markets won't be too hard on them the next morning...

Well, that's it for now! Gotta run!


Ethel Amutan said...

Andi...I'm envisioning that you are running around like a crazy woman right now. Whew! Do you ever stop to take a breath? You'll have to share with me where found that awesome cowgirl image. She ROCKS! Also, I've left you a well-deserved award on my blog, if you'd like to check it out!

{S} said...

fabulous page Andi!! I love that picture you used. I debated on her, so glad someone used it!! :~)

Sue McGettigan said...

Wow Andi that's a fun cowgirl image!! Good luck with the soccer season, mine are not playing this year so I get to breathe for a change :)

Kelly Warren said...

love your cowgirl entry andi! i thought about that picture too! mine is kinda vixeny too. go take a peek. :-)

your craziness sounds very much like mine...just in a little different location. and my husband turns 50 in october! right there with ya sister!

Sandy said...

Fantastic cowgirl wow!!

I love all your crazy ramblings about your busy life! It's like I get to live the ranch life vicariously through you. Thanks for sharing all of your life with us!

Jacqueline said...

This so suits your way of life and the things I read in your blog - you say you are not a cowgirl.. are you sure?

Kerilou said...

What a cool project! I love the risque cowgirl!!
I think it is totally cool that your kids' school is going to 4 days. I would love that!

Tami B. said...

Love these pages you've been making. Oh, and the story of the desserts below is fantastic. Your family is so lucky you are such an amazing cook.