Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a Week! Still Seeing Stars....

Rotational Grazing
I've been meaning to share some cattle photos!
Here.. I am finally sneaking one in. I have more,
but I am 'running in place' and am sharing just some highlights.
This photo shows rotational grazing..
the use of hot wire to move animals from one section of a field to another.
See the difference in the grass height? I love it.. I think it is cool.
The same effect occurs in my yard - the difference in my rotational 'go mow for an hour and come back later' lawn mowing technique.
It happened again this morning. I had great intentions!
But ran out of gas, and when I went to fill-up, Mr. Sexton had
taken all my gas! Stinker...
I'll mow again another day.
My BFF refers to my mowing technique as 'painting the golden gate bridge'.
Start at one end, get to the end, and start over.

Meet Star
We now have a new bottle baby. This time a calf.
A heifer became a momma a little too early
(a heifer is a cow who has never had a baby before).
Needless to say, she did not know what this alien thing is,
and Sami has a new babe, again.
*** Note: We weaned the bummer lambs this past Thursday!
I just cleaned up all the lamb bottles this morning and put them away! ***
Dang. Here we go, again.
I am tempted to scream...
A day of 'rest' from bottle assistance would have been nice.
Guess who got to reach Star to drink?

Last Sunday's Riding Crew
I love Sami's technique for mounting Doc.
Ride, Sami, Ride
See Dick's horse (aka Toby the wife killer?)
Toby's got his ears back and looks ready to kick.
I recognize that snotty horse's attitude anywhere.

Vacation Wednesday
Poolside. For just 2 hours, before the Boss found us!

Last Nights' Party
We are experiencing a heat wave.
Too dang hot to hang out in the house! Or cook!
It was 97 degrees when I left Boise yesterday - at 2pm.
Mr. Sexton had a great idea...
Put up the camping tent, build a fire, eat dinner outdoors (lamb kabobs),
make s'mores (oops, with mini marshmallows!), play guitars
and enjoy the stars and full moon.
Kids slept outside (with a dog)
Mom and Dad slept in their cozy bed.
Let's pretend we are camping!
(because, uh, we are running out of time for our big idea for a
vacation to the coast and there is no end in sight of our work!)

Can I just say 'Thank You LORD!'.
Last night was awesome...
My kinda night.
A great way to end the crazy week...

*** The Longer Narrative Version ******

All I can say is, 'What's my name again, and how did it get to be Sunday?"

What a Week... Crazy days here...

  • Last Sunday was another one of those out on the ranch working horse rides for the kids. Dick wanted to go get the steer they left the week prior. They got it. Everyone came back alive, as in no one was hurt..... And the kids have been riding the horses daily. Well, they brush them, put on a bridle, and play in the yard doing trick riding stuff. Things a mom closes her eyes to.
  • Wednesday the kids and I had Vacation Wednesday... interrupted by Mr. Sexton. We were at the pool and my cell phone rang..... Mr. Sexton says 'Where are you?', I reply 'At the pool, it's Vacation Day'. Mr. Sexton says 'Well, I didn't know it was vacation day.' (Wednesdays are supposed to be vacation days, he chooses to ignore them.. I am certain.. which is why he always schedules work for us!).. Anyway, he needed some parts... two errands worth... I told him we would be home in a couple hours... We took a detour by Dairy Queen, got some blizzards, then ran errands... A fun day...
  • Weaned bummer lambs on Thursday, and had the Baker Market Thursday night. We did a tasting - handed out lamb salami.
  • I drove to Boise on Friday to pick up meat, and yesterday for the market .. go again this Tuesday... I am dragging my knuckles on the ground! Worn Out!
  • Last night was beautiful. A wonderful evening in the backyard.
  • Today, it's supposed to get to 98 degrees.. We are planning a repeat of last night's activities.
And, alas... A baby calf showed up this morning.... Here we go again...

Hope your week is going great! Summer is definitely cranking out at full speed isn't it?


Penny said...

Well, another action-packed week for you! Sleeping outside in such a beautiful setting under the stars sounds great fun to me :)

stampersuzz said...

I get worn out looking at what you do on a regular basis! I hated the bottles when my kids were little and you have a never ending pool of babies that can happen.. AHHHH! They are very cute though. Glad to see everyone is doing well on the riding lessons. Love to hear your updates..

Dawn said...

Why is it, That every single time you post like this, I want to take a lonnnnng nap? Ohhh, the baby cow is tooo cute. Have fun with the bottles, AGAIN!! ugh!

Sweet Blessings said...

Hello there :D

Wow! You made my week look slow...Thanks! And how adorable is Star...I just LOVE those baby calves....(I think putting the bottles away might have jinxed you!) Even better was the way Mr. Sexton was shining for your family last night....yeahhhhh!!! It's times like those that really do recharge us for another crazy week! Hope your night tonight is just as fun...hey, maybe the kids will sleep inside and you & the Mr. will camp out under the full moon! Sweet blessings!

Sweet Blessings said...

P.S. I forgot to tell you...I LOVE your place...what a beatiful setting you live in...and you take amazing pictures to display it all...Thanks for sharing!

Sue McGettigan said...

Love your campout night Andi, what fun! ROFL at your hubby busting you guys at the pool - what vacation day?? Whaddaya talkin' about??

Lisa Renéa said...

YIKES!! Andi!! Another vote for you as SUPERWOMAN of the year! I love Star, what a cutie! As always you post the best stories & photos! Thanks for sharing!

noble pig said...

That moon in the background id beautiful! Love it.

Kerilou said...

Lovely photos! The campout sounds so fun! I wish we were stuck in a heat wave!!