Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just Little Ol' Me....

My kids are back at school.

No one is here at home but little ol' me.. It's quiet.

We had dinner at 'the table' last night (instead of with the TV and a movie) and sadly said goodbye to our summer.. Ribs, potato salad and corn for the menu... Table dinners are mandatory during school. No TV nights unless it's Friday or Saturday.

Kids went to bed at 8:30pm, instead of 9, or 9:30 or 10pm. All bathed, clothes out for school, soccer stuff ready at the door. Tonight it will be 8pm. Back to normal.

I got up at 4am. Got the kitchen ready. Put out the kids juice and fresh fruit (those organic peaches!). Dick made breakfast when he got up at 5:30... oatmeal, eggs.

Woke the kids at 5:40am. They got dressed.

Sami fed her calf. We both did outdoor chores. With 29 degree weather!

Loaded them up in the car at 7:10am and took them to school.

Did the first day of school routine. Chatted with other moms, kids, teachers, staff. Took some photos.

Here's My Favorite Part:
I happily terrorized the new cook . Yes, I am evil, but I have a bone to pick and it's a big one! (Remember, I am a real food advocate and despise the school food program). This will be an interesting year - I met her earlier at the Farmers Market when she was sharing her 'I'm so excited to be the new food services director' speal. Yep. That's right. She's the new Director. She mentioned she was moving to our little town. And, I recalled reading in the paper that they were going to have her 1/2 time cooking, 1/2 time directing... When I 'heard' the news that our beloved sweet cook was going elsewhere, I had a hunch that the district was up to something... Turns out my hunch was right!

When I introduced myself to Mrs. Food Service Director for the Entire School District (at the market) it was in response to the newspaper article that said the district was interested in getting local foods into the kids meals, to cut costs of course. Nothing to do with a healthier diet. 'Hi there, I sell local meat, and would love to help out', I said. She gave me some song and dance about the Government contracted food program - ground beef comes from California, and how she wishes she could do something local but gosh darlin' we have to buy that stuff! I also gave her the 'I can't stand that chocolate or strawberry 2 percent water they call milk' talk too.. Let's have real milk!

Anyway, this morning I reintroduced myself.. 'Remember me? We met at the farmers market! My friend (BFF Michelle was at my side) here and I are active moms and we will be helping you in anyway we can'. (There is a God... Bwah ha ha)... The principal had submitted my name along with a few others for membership on a Food Services related committee for the district.

Today, Mrs. Food Service Director For the Entire School District was real flustered because she did not know how to turn on the dish washer. Hmm... no homework prep, eh? Oh.. And are those canned peaches I see? I'll have to clue her in on the local organic orchard.

A new school year is upon us...


Ethel Amutan said...

Andi...YOU GO GIRL! I'm so proud of you for being really being really involved in what goes into the school lunches. Sounds like Mrs. Food Services Director could use some assistance (whether or not she knows it). Now that the kiddos are back in school will you have more time during the day to craft? Or, will the ranch chores keep you just as busy as before?

Ethel Amutan said...

Sorry 'bout my poor grammar. Whoops! Darn blogger won't let me go back and delete the extra "being."

Penny said...

Keep at it! You probably know about Jamie Oliver here who brought about big changes in school meals . It can be done with parent power and education for Mrs FSD. I was right behind Jamie's efforts, alas too late for Joseph who was just finishing school at that time but still good for future children.

noble pig said...

You go girl, get your meat in there! That would be wonderful for the kids and the district and the WORLD!

Dawn said...

You got get 'em girl..Finger snap, come on I taught ya!! Now, I am not an expert, but I know the school lunches stink!!!

Sandy said...

Rock on Andi! Take down the system, overthrow da man...or, erm, da woman! :)

Tami B. said...

You are my hero. I was too lazy to fight, so we make a nice healthy lunch at home to take to school. So much better than the junk they want me to pay $3 a day for. No way.

Kerilou said...

You crack me up. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right? Squeak away, my girl!!
ps-I felt a bit lost on Wednesday am, too. No daycare kids that day, and Cody back at school. It was so strange!