Sunday, September 7, 2008

This Past Week ... Put It In Over Drive!

First Day of School Photo With our Suzy Zoo Ducky!
This photo is in our little rural school.
I've been taking this photo each year and watching the kids outgrow their little buddy!

Jake - A 4th Grader At His New Desk
Jake and Sam are not in the same room this year.
Jake is in the 3rd and 4th grade room.
I guarantee this desk will never look the same again!
Last year his name tag was peeling off, pencil marks and doodles everywhere!

Sami in the Big Kids Room!
5th and 6th share a class. Sami is in 5th grade, and even though I
think she is tall and long legged, she is the shortest one in her class!
Boy, they grow them big out here, eh?
(Sami is in the red and white shirt combo)

Sami's Stack of Back Breakin' Books
The top book is her fave... Art, baby.
The news of the day... She gets a sharpie! Yep.. Permanent Ink.
We use these babies at home.. The kids know all about mama's
sharpie rules.

Saturday Night's Relaxing Star Gazing Event
Last night was a perfect ending to a crazy week.
Sami started her first campfire. Oh.. See the 'cave art' on the stones?
That would be Jake's Art. He got to scrub those babies
before we all gathered around the fire with our dinner.
No need to be draggin' that charcoal stuff into the house on the bottom of our shoes or feet!

The New Back to School Schedule is crazy
... Our mornings are crazy... Trying to get the kids up, dressed, fed and chores done before the 6:35 am bus is just crazy! Which is why I get up at 4am.
The school is in session 75 minutes longer per day (Friday's off now)... It's a mixed bag. Nice long day to actually get some 'work' done around here, but boy do I miss my buddies! It's quiet! And gosh, I can hear myself think! But, once I pick the kids up at 3:30pm it seems we are running somewhere.. and the crazyness starts over again... soccer practice, chores, dinner, bathe, clothes out for tomorrow.. repeat.

Tuesday - Thursday: We survived the first 3 days of school. Even though the district powers that be decided to plan bus routes during the first week (instead of practicing during the summer) ... let me tell ya.. I'm glad mine were NOT on the bus going home.. Rumors of itty bitty kids left at the high school 10 miles away from our school... and farther from homes... a whole lot of phone calls were made!

Wednesday: We survived the first School PTCO meeting of the year. And moms vs the school bus route tension chat.

Thursday: We survived the first 'everybody goes in different directions' night. The kids were at a soccer practice/mom was at a night market, and dad is at a livestock sale. Thanks BFF! I did have dinner cooking during all this. Yet, dad did not get home until 9:30pm.

Saturday: Another 'everybody in different directions' but to the nth degree! The kids were to have soccer photos at noon, and a game at 1pm. And this is all 17 miles from where we live. I had the Boise Market (150 miles away) and Dick was shipping cattle - 2 miles down the road at our headquarters... I left at 4:20 am. The kids had their to do list, and Dick made it back to take them to town for their photo shoot and game. Backup was arranged and 'on call' in case of emergency. It all worked! The kids team even won! Backup was not needed but truly appreciated (BFF!!!!!). Dad came through! What a superman... The kids and Dick even instigated another outdoor dinner and fire in the evening.... Sami lit her first fire... smores were a plenty... I retired early... those up at 3am things kill me..

Today: The kids and Dick rode horseback on another cattle drive... They did awesome! Woo Hoo!

I am doing major prep for tomorrow... We have our first big fundraiser of the school year. 2,500 bikes are coming through our area (Cycle Oregon). Our PTCO is serving them lunch. The kids school will join us - via school bus transportation. The fifth graders will ride bikes with the Cycle Oregon participants for a bit. All the kids in grades 2-6 will sing songs as part of our entertainment...... myself and a crew of 20 are due on site at 7am...

And, that my friends is our life!


Kerilou said...

So you squeeze sleep in there somewhere?? Good grief girl, you are busy!! Sounds like a bunch of fun, though. I function best with a full schedule...Good luck and have a great week!

Dawn said...

I will never ever understand how you do it. I really wish I could spend a week with you. My kids would learn so much, of course I don't know if I would survive but it would be worth it! Your a great MOM, Miss, Andi, you really trulllly are!!

Suzanne C said...

I feel like doing a cheer for you as I read all your activities.. Go Andi! Go Andi!

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Oh, I forgot to mention -- it really sounds tremendous, too:)

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

that sounds exhausting, Andi! I need a nap...............

Sandy said...

Oh Andi no wonder you're up so early! I'm tired just hearing about it. And glad I dont have kiddos, goodness! Do you take naps all day???

ScrappyPam said...

How come I'm always ready for a nap after I read about your adventures?? LOL Have fun at the Cycle Oregon - my husband rode in that several years ago and fell in love with Oregon, which is why we lived there for several years.

noble pig said...

Total craziness isn't it? It's just amazing how all of comes about too! Whew!

Anonymous said...

This picture is a far cry from last year's 1st day of school. In 2007 Jake: no smile, dubious look on his face. Sami of course so cute with her furlined jacket and gorgeous leopark bookbag. This year both of them look HAPPY!
Bet mom is wearing an even bigger smile.
love, aunt alice

Sue McGettigan said...

Oh boy Andi, I'm tired just reading this!! You are fabulous, sounds like Dick is pretty fab too :)