Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Week In the Life - Photo Collage! Wed/Thurs

Look What I Made!

I am so dang excited! I created this photo collage in PSE3, thanks to the fabulous Jennifer McGuire who posted a tutorial back on Sept. 20th! I had it 'starred' in my Google reader for something to come back to when I had time (I have lots of things in that folder!)... So, there I was, checking out my goodies, and seized the moment! I still need help with getting those images to line up right.. My 'snap tool' is not snapping right... Oh Snap!

Most of these photos are from yesterday and today. along with my last Thursday self portrait and the card from Sunday! Just various pieces of my routine, life, days for Ali's A Week In The Life project. Here is the description of each photo, from left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Desktop XM - On the Oprah channel for me. My other faves are Rock and Roll
  2. View from my desk
  3. Sweet little Angel that Dawn gave me last Christmas. I look at this gal when I need a good shot of sweet blessings.
  4. Pumpkin Kitty (who, arrived before Toes left.. Very interesting timing)
  5. Another view from my desk
  6. Another view of my desk work area
  7. Pack of tumbling puppies
  8. Another view of my desk! Guess I am here quite a lot!
  9. Sami's fish that she forgets to feed.
  10. Cute little puppy
  11. The pile of ribbon I found downstairs in the laundry room on Tuesday. Pumpkin stole some of my ribbon off the floor by my craft area... Little thief.
  12. Sami's room. She seems to be the more 'life in a tussle' gal.
  13. My favorite tree.. Fall is here.
  14. Sami and her new goat Rose. Sami and her Dad went and got this latest addition to the zoo yesterday afternoon... Gads...
  15. My favorite boots! I love the stars, and the green inside the boots and the blue!
  16. My crafty desk top.
  17. Morning routine. Make coffee, cut up fruit for kids
  18. My morning sanity... I light a pumpkin scented candle and do my stretches and sip some coffee... I call this my Zen moment.
  19. My perpetual calendar next to the Portmerion Clock. I did turn it to today (after flipping through four days that I missed!).
  20. More of my craft area
  21. Another shot of the fruit - which came off of our trees
  22. My mobile office survival kit: XM, water, cell phone
  23. Self Portrait
  24. A card I made last Sunday for SOF over at 2peas... The only darn thing I've had a chance to make for the week long event! OH well...

So, now back to work and the rest of the day.... I have markets tomorrow and Saturday, and the kids last soccer game is tonight! We woke to 27 degrees, and the high is going to be about 44. Also, a rain and or snow storm is on the way.. Not sure if the game will actually happen or the weekend markets!

Oh well - and that is my typical Week in the Life!


Kerilou said...

Cool collage! I will have to try my hand at one of those!! I did a scrapbook page similar to this for Buzz and Bloom one time. A day in the life....Great photos!!

noble pig said...

What an awesome collage! You are so dang creative...where do you find the time?

Suzanne C said...

Love the collage... It is almost like playing that tag game on your blog but a pictorial picture. It says alot about you. :)

glitzen said...

Awesome collage! Oh my goodness, is that angel the Willow Tree one called Happiness? I have been looking everywhere for that one, to add to my Willow Tree collection. Its one of my absolute favs!

Sweet Blessings said...

How very AWESOME! I LOVE that you know how to do are so amazing!!! Most of all, I LOVE the pictures that represent you and your life...thanks for sharing...See you tonight! Sweet blessings!

Penny said...

That's a FANTASTIC collage - how wonderful to record little snippets of your day. LOVE it!

Jacqueline said...

LOVE the collage of photos, such beautiful colours together too!

Sweet Blessings said...

Hey, it's me again...It was great seeing your whole family at the market last night...You truly have a beautiful, sweet family! I am blessed that I have the opportunity to know you! Maybe one day we can all get together for dinner! Have a wonderful weekend...and Whoooohooooo NO more Pendleton market for you! I hope you get to celebrate. Sweet blessings!

LostLuggage said...

Great job with your collage! I watched her tutorial too..thanks for mentioning it.. I always love to pick up tips and hints.. Photoshop is such an amazing much to learn!