Sunday, January 11, 2009

Recap of Eleven-Tween

Do YOU know this girl?
Here she is, little miss Eleven-Teen
All decked out in her new duds from G. Grace

Or Scampin'
Or Saturday Night Feverin'

Oh, and Let's Not Forget the Office Supplies Wish List!
This girl asked for office supplies for her birthday.
I see a trend toward playing with paper, punches, ink, etc.
It's addicting.
I know.
Auntie Paula is sending office supplies...
And she cracked up when she heard the request.

Headin' to School With Cupcakes!
Yes, it's dark.
We walk down the drive at 6:30 am.
Look out your window at 6:30 am.
Tell me, what do you see?

A Digital Camera!
Thanks G. Pat!!!

Sami turned Eleven-Tween on January 5th.. yep. You heard me. Eleven-Tween... See her? There's no denying that girl is not a babe anymore... Look at that bundle of gorgeousness!!!

So, normally,Jan. 5th would have been the kids first day back to school after their EVER SO LONG Christmas break... But we had a huge ol' storm so school was closed. Highways were closed. And there was no gettin' out of dodge. No mommy escape routes. Dang.

We had Sami's party that night. Lots of fun! Her favorite foods were served (Buffalo Drums, shrimp). The oreo cookie cake was a hit. And her gifties. She is getting a custom rabbit hutch in addition to all you saw above, as well as earings from Auntie Avis, a sweet gift from Great Auntie Alice, and lots of office supplies.

The classroom cupcakes had to go to school a day late, another snowy day, but alas, no wind, and thus no drifts...and my escape route was opened! Yahoo!


Dawn said...

There's our girl! Happy Birthday tooooo her!

Christina Hill said...

That's awesome. Mine will be eleven-tween in March. She wants to have a bowling party with two of her boy friends. Hoo boys... Your daughter is simply gorgeous!

glitzen said...

What cute pics! I loved your comment on my blog about how we have so much in common, and if we lived closer we could be good friends! So true! And now look, we both have 11 yr old girls. Oh my, how mine has changed in this her year of eleven. Sigh. Sniff. Its remarkable, isn't it? Oh, and she loves loves loves office supplies and scrapping/stamping too! Just like mommy. :)

Suzanne C said...

Looks like she had a fabulous birthday! They grow up so fast..

*karendianne. said...

Wow! What a neat day. She's looks great all decked out. I loved seeing that photo. And Andi, the photo with the cupcakes for school and the snow coming down - neat pic!

Arlene said...

Love her wish list - my granddaughter wanted paper... from JoAnn's... :)))

She's growing up - for sure. She's adorable. :)

Debra Day said...

11-teen. Wow, they sure grow up fast. Just like my daughter when she was 11, they like to dress up. She looks so hip (do they even use that word anymore?!) LOL What a doll. Love the sunglasses!! Happy Belated B-Day Sami from cuzn Deb.

Sweet Blessings said...

Looks like your beautiful girl had a beautiful day! How awesome is have a NO school day on your birthday...perfect I think :D

Thanks for sharing your sweet moment with us! Have a wonderful's half over...whooohooooo..Sweet blessings!

Kelly Booth said...

Too cute Andi...Wish my girls were 11 tean again!!

Sandy said...

Happy belated bday, Sami girl! Good idea asking for supplies, you're one AWEsomely talented young lady!

Sue McGettigan said...

Happy Birthday Sami!! You're my kinda gal - Saturday Night Fever AND office supplies, you go girl :) Hope you have a great year, being 11 is really fun.

Kerilou said...

Happy 11th, Sami !!
She is growing up so fast, Andi!!
I love the photos.