Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Clouds! (Cards, that is!)

One Layer Card

Inspired by Kiara's Challenge over at the Stamping Cafe, and the Hero Arts Blog!
The Hero Arts Blog turned 1 Year old!!!
Lots of great giveaways are going on all week!
Daily Stuff! Some times hourly!
Oh my....

And Kiara is giving away Blog Candy - but you have to make a one layer card!

Window Cloud Card
(The Clouds are in the inside of the card!)

So how about some more clouds? It seems very appropriate here in Eastern Oregon! It snowed all day! A spring snow, if you will.... Just blowing, and snowing, and blowing.. sticking for a while then melting... Crazy weather!

Anyway, I made a card with some of the scraps from the Cloud layout that I showed you last time! And I created a window, too! (the clouds are actually on the inside - your just looking 'through' the window to see them!)...

And, this week both the Hero Arts Blog and Kiara are having 'one layer card' challenges! Kiara's challenge ends at midnight tonight... The Hero Arts challenge ends Sunday at midnight...

One layer means: Only one layer of paper... That's it! You have to use inks, pens, etc... and be creative with those stamps! This is sooooo not my strong point! But, I gave it a shot! The saving grace is you can add buttons, ribbon, etc. Phew!

Thanks Hero Arts Blog Family for such a great fun year!!!!!!!!

And, thanks Kiara for the push to 'get 'her done'!!!!


Lisa Carroll said...

These are so cute, Andi! :D

Jacqueline said...

Gorgeous cards Andi - so so lovely!

Diana said...

I just love that cloud card Andi. Very clever and well executed!

Kelly Booth said...

Love your Cards Andi....so CUTE!!

*karendianne. said...

This one is lovely. It feels so spiritual to me. As always you do such great work and you know, I've never asked but what exactly do you do with your work?