Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Little Skiiers...

The skiers! After Their Ever So Fabulous Day!
Yeah, I'm mean. Look into the sun, kids! Kids?
What do you mean you can't see?
Poor Sami!

Heading Out with the Instructor
Sami and Jake had a 1 hour lesson.. that lasted 2 hours!
Heck what a deal!
Had I known that I would have gone off on my own and met them later!
Next time...

Getting Tips on Their Tips!
OK I made that up.
Beats me what he is saying..
I'm just zooming in and trying to not be the obvious Mother
with the Camera!

OK I Know - This Was Supposed to be Just the kids.
But the instructor just moved right in!!!!

I just wanted to have a photo of them standing up and smiling!-
just in case they didn't - smile or stand, later.
(As in - just in case they take after their accident prone father -
who refuses to go skiing ever again!
Don't ask him about skiing. He tells everyone who asks that I try to kill him when we go.
Dude! I'm not wearing your ski's! You are!)


This Photo is Just 'Mommy Proof' For My Kids
That Bikes Left Outside Are not Happy Bikes!
(and they are still out there, in the same position, a day later!)

Today was awesome!!

As most of you heard, yesterday a storm came in... All of our Spring cleaning chores and yard play came to a screeching halt! So, I made a nice big pot of lamb stew, and we watched the Twilight movie last night... The kids loved it!

(FYI: I tried to read the first book, but I just could not sink my teeth into it! Ha Ha! Get it? Sorry all you Twilight peeps! I'll just have to catch the flicks.)

Anyway, today we had scheduled on our Spring Stay-Cation list to go skiing! And boy were we lucky dogs! Man, are we good or what???? OH MY WORD! It was absolutely gorgeous! Sunny! And awesome snow! And the kids had the time of their lives!

I have to confess, this was their first time skiing. Horrid, I know. Heck, we live only 17 miles from the resort! But there always seems to be something that has to be done around here that keeps us from playing. Plus we have tons of snow here and can go snowshoeing right out the back 40... or get pulled behind a truck. We are so simple...

Anyway, when it was time to go I had to pull Jake off the hill ... poor kid. He was having so much fun!!!!! He just kept going back for more.

I am so glad they had a great experience!!

You will notice there are no Daddy photos. He refuses to go up to the hill. His ski days are over.

Tomorrow we are off to Boise... It's a meat delivery day... And some play time!

OH yeah baby... Olive Garden here we come! And, Starbucks!
And Archiver's. And Warmer Temperatures!!!

Oh my...
Big City Goodness...

One Happy Camper. :)


Anne said...

Skiing AND Olive Garden AND Archiver's? Wow! Sounds like a great stay-cation to me! :-)

Kelly Booth said...

Looks Like wonderful Family time to me.....
Yay starbucks, Olive garden and Archivers all in ONE day!!! Hope you have a fun time....

Suzanne C said...

Lovely! The pictures are fantastic and they look like they are having a great staycation!

Jacqueline said...

It was so nice to open up the blog and find a little window picture of your two skiers on my blog today - love Jake's red coat! Nice that they have the possibility to learn this sport!

Deborah said...

What a great day you had! And the kids are just glowing with happiness and health (despite Sami's squench-y face). Staycations are okay by me if you can do all those cool thing!

Sweet Blessings said...

It looks like your Spring Break is a happy one, even with the snow! And, it looks like you are going to be hitting those slopes more & more next winter! Hope you continue to have an amazing week! Sweet blessings!

Dawn said...

keep reading, I am on book 4 took me all of 4 days, you gotta get to page 125 of the first book for you to be really into it! I made so much fun of people for reading them, and now....well, it's all histroy!

Jenn Biederman said...

Hey Andi! Looks like you & the kids had fun. I agree with your skiing for me either. I have tried, really. Not good. :)

I am so glad you had a trip to the city! We also live (sort-of) in the middle of nowhere & visited the city today before the snow hit. I bet we are getting the storm you just had. :) Did some Hobby Lobbying & ate at Culvers (no Olive Garden for us non-peanut eaters). :) Bought my first CARDS publication...yup, my first. :) Hee hee!

Jenn Biederman said...

Ooooh! I forgot to mention something about Twilight! I am a huge the series...loved the movie. :) Either way...your good!

Sue McGettigan said...

How fun Andi, LOL at the instructor muscling in on your photo :) Lucky you having fresh snow and spring vaca, my poor kids have never been skiing either, and we can get to the slopes in about 1 1/2 hours during the winter ... bad Mummy :)

I'm a little jealous that you just hop over to Montana, I've always wanted to go there! One of these days I'll make it, I'll meet you there :)

Arlene said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. Yippy Kaiye... or however you spell it!