Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School - Mom of the Year Award and... 400th Post!!!

Sami's Locker
First Day of Middle School

Sami set up her locker - and would NOT let me take a photo of her next to it!
See that note on her board? I wrote that when she was in her first class.
It was to be a surprise...

Ready for the Mom of the Year Award???????
Later that night:
Me: How was your first day?
Sami: Good! (proceeds to tell me about everything)...
AND, I had to get a lock for my locker (they are all unlocked).
SOMEONE got into mine and wrote on my board!
Me: Silence - followed with guilty look.
Sami: Was it YOU???
Me: Yes! I wanted to surprise you! I guess I should have signed it!
Sami: Hmm.. You know, I thought that it was you.
(Later) ... Mom, could you sign your notes with "M".

So. I've been demoted from mom, mommy, and momma to M.
At least, when it comes to my notes!
(I'm still all those things at home)

Jake's First Day
(He's the one in back)
Settling in. Not knowing a soul. Well, except for a girl.
He does not want to be seen with any girls!

Jake's school
The Elementary is actually three buildings.
My little guy is in here!

Sami's First Period Class - Science
I know her teacher! Turns out Sami really likes her teacher, which
she has for three different classes.
OH.. I had to sneak this photo.
What you don't see?
Sami is sitting alone at this desk.
I hated leaving her like that!

Sami's New School
This classic old building houses the Middle & High School students,
as well as the cafeteria for all of them and the Elementary students.
Middle School is downstairs.
High School is upstairs.
They Gym is next door.


Well, it's extremely quiet at the ol' homestead.. My partners in Crime are back at school.

Monday was their first day and boy was it hard for all of us! I was nervous for them.

  1. New School - We moved both our kids to a new 'school' which in reality - are three schools together. Jake is in a new Elementary, Sami is now in Middle School. As I said before, it's a Charter School. This is the first year of it being a Charter School and everyone is confused! (OK, I may be speaking out of turn.. But they have no idea when open house is, etc. Things like that!).
  2. It's all New - Teachers, buildings, other kids. Finding classrooms, fitting in, and not looking like your mom is treating you like a little kid. THAT is how Day 1 was when I took the kids to their new schools! Both kids were scared... both did not want me taking photos, and both (secretly) really did not want me to leave. Clingy but not wanting to look clingy.
  3. Ever feel out of it? That's how I felt! NO idea on the bus schedules, when school gets out (it's different for both kids), where the kids get the bus after school, etc. CRUD. I like to go into things prepared! I had to call on Friday to get some answers. And, it's all being worked out!
Yesterday was my Chicken Run Tuesday. It was quiet without my buddies! No noises. No arguing. Lots of elbow room in the truck.

And no run to A&W for our Root Beer Floats...


School just came too early for me!

OH! This is my 400th post! Crazy, eh?

I'll come up with a little surprise later...

Thanks for listening...


an east coast (soon to be western) family said...

Hey, Andi: Congratulations!!! on the 400th Post! Way to go...

I feel for you on your first day of school. I only haven one, so I always get a little teary (ok, maybe a bit more than a "bit") because it means each shool year he is moving another year away from ME! This year was ever town, new school, new kids. Buy hey! He likes the school, the kids (and at this point in time, even his teachers). He even said, "moving here isn't as bad as I thought it would be."

Thanks for the "tips" you posted on my blog. I have some questions for you that I'll post to just your e-mail.

Glad you had a great vacation...and I do know all about 'impatient captains'.

Re: Chicken run...why not treat just yourself to an A&W root beer float? 'cause we all know you most certaintly deserve it!!!

Karen said...

Well.....let's start here:

CONGRATULATIONS on your 400th post!!! I remember back in the day when you were first musing about maybe starting a blog on 2peas and then what to name it. I am so glad that you've continued it and that I've come back to visiting regularly!! :> You have a great voice to share!!

The good thing about the whole school being new is that Jake and Sami aren't the only ones who are new. And its great that they are at school together. My kidlets will never go to the same school at the same time. :< (The elementary is split into two campuses.....K-2 & 3-5......and I know we're not nearly as small of a school as yours, but we are definitely a small district in comparison to most!) And I hear ya on missing the 'noise'! When its all around me, I wish for quiet, but when it is quiet (other than at night), I look for my kidlets!

Oh shoot. I had more to say, but I'm having trouble rememebering it! Sigh. Think I'll pour another cup of java and happily go back to reading your next post on your vaca! :>

Congrats again!

Tami B. said...

First days are hard on everyone. At least you're still allowed notes. Not even one signed M is allowed at school for me. sigh. It's all good. You know you're doing your job when they spread their wings a bit more. Best of luck all around with the new school. Congrats on the 400th post. wowza!

Kelly Booth said...

Hi Andi...congrats on your 400 post!!
Sad when the kids have to go back to school after a Fun summer....
Wait til they are really gone like that's really SAD....
Loved seeing the photos!

Sweet Blessings said...

I'm so happy you posted pictures of the kids' first day! I bet it was a LONG day for everyone...but, by now they are loving each minute of it! But, I think they are growing WAY to fast! Sweet blessings!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Congratulations on your 400th post! And good luck adjusting to the back-to-school schedule. I bet they are both bummed that root beer float days are ending! :-)