Friday, February 5, 2010

Some Friday Shares - Boy Love

Jake and I - Hard At Work
The Baker City Farmers Market
Summer 2009
( I love looking at green grass and sunny days when it is white outside!)
Yep.. woke to more snow.

Me! This is One of My Ranch Jobs - April - October
It is my favorite, though.
I sell our meats at Farmers Markets!
Some Wednesdays, Ever Other Friday, All Saturdays
Tuesdays were my Chicken Run Tuesdays
You remember those, don't you?
Hit the road at 5:30 am with our live chickens?
Load them, unload them.

My Favorite Photo of the Season!!!!!!
Jake, 10 years old
August, 2009
And, me, his Mamacita - 47 years old.

The Manager from one of 'our' Farmers Markets, the Baker Market, just emailed these photos. I had to share them with you.

She gave a slide show at our Annual Membership Meeting..and these were all in the slide show. I just about cried when I saw the last one...

I love that sweet tender boy face...

And, for my favorite AA - Jake say's he is my 'sonny boy'... Not sure if that is how you spell it. He loved what you said about yours.. He picked up on that special bond...between a Mother and Son...

Oh my lucky lucky heart.

PS. Today is National Wear Red Day

And, I made this for breakfast! Egg production is peaking!

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Karen said...

Aww....isn't is great how photos can make you smile?! My first baby was a boy and I definitely love our Mama and son time. :> Though its nice having Princess tells me often that we are "The Mother Daughter Team, You and Me!". :>

Suzanne C said...

That picture of your son and you is so lovely! It speaks volumes! Really sweet.

Kelly Booth said...

LOVE Candid Shots....the one of you and your Son is just Priceless....~~
Thanks for Sharing!

Guy Magallanes said...

The photos of you and Jake are so incredible. The first one of him sitting on your lap, the look on his face, his world is just 'right'
What a good mamma you are!