Sunday, July 25, 2010

This and That From the Ranch

Well, yes, I have been here, but tied to ranch work!

We've been hosting tours this last month.

The La Grande Farmers' Market board members came out to see what we do.

A tour with the Summer Ag Institute

A tour with the North Powder Summer School 

Every other week Sami and Dick go to the Portland market to sell our goods - it's a two day trip. Each and every time they have been gone, we have had something go wrong over here!  Jake and I are also gone, Friday night (Pendleton) and then on Saturday (La Grande) - and Murphy's Law takes over.  We do have a full-time hired hand, and we also have hired some neighbors to come take care of all our daily work.  But, still, things happen. 

Yesterday, something got into the pasture hen pen and stole all the duck eggs - I heard the ducks making a big noise about 4:15 am.  I went out with one of the dogs, in the dark.  Poor mama ducks.  All the egg babies are gone.  Another bad news report to give Sami - who was hoping for baby ducks!

And then last night, about 9:00 pm we got a call from 911 dispatch.  The train hit a cow and they thought it was one of ours (our ranch borders the train tracks for about 3 miles).... So, out into the dark Dick went on a quad - down the highway.  He never found anything.  So who knows who's cow it was, and where exactly the crime took place.  Sometimes they give a location (on our place), yet, in reality it's farther down the tracks and no where near us.  

Here's something on the brighter side:

Peaceful Morning Walk

Take Care!  Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Candy, Little Girls????? A Couple of Shares!

I know, what a teaser!

OK.. I just had to share with you that the Midnight Rooster girls are giving away a free mini kit! You MUST go and get your name in the hat! I signed up last month for the full kit subscription, and also won last month's add on!!!!! I have just recently cut into a few of the papers! OH! That is SO HARD! I am such a HOARDER! ACK!

Anyway, since I love you all, go play and good luck!!

PS... I'm working on a little book! I will share it when it's ready, Freddy, spaghetti. Hint: It's for when the kids and I hit the friendly skies and fly away for a GREAT vacation with my little sis! Yep.... MY little sis!

Sami is making one too. That girl has too much talent. She is blowing me away!

We both watched this awesome video to get our inspiration...

It just cracks me up how two people can see the EXACT same thing, and come away with different ideas.

Just like memories. We each have a different story of the same event.

Speaking of memories and stories...
How's your summer going?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

God Bless America!

Hello friends and family!!

Just a quick hello between various jobs -( I actually had to set a schedule! - 1 hr yard work, 1 hr housework, 1 hr ranch work, 1 hr other job - grant writing) errands (that darn recycling is taking over my house - I started storing it in the house instead of the garage - makes a bigger 'deal with me now' statement) and events ( local parade at 1oam then rodeo at 1:30pm!) on the docket for today! Not sure we will make it to the fireworks... I am not a night girl!

It is a gorgeous gorgeous day today. We have had such 'cool' season weather, today's high will be 74 and that is just perfect for me! Although.. if we were pool bound, 80's please...

I am so very grateful for our Independence, so very grateful to the heroes - past and present, and the families of our troops that sacrifice so much that we can enjoy days like today... a celebration of America's birthday and Independence as the home of the free, the brave, and the super darn spoiled rotten that CAN do what we want!

Here is my 4th Of July Post on the Ranch Blog. Some of the photos you have seen before but alas, I don't have any yet for this year:)

Happy 4th my friends.... and God Bless us All.