Saturday, August 14, 2010

Photos from this Week - And A Few Musings

Last Sunday - putting up the hot chicken fence for the pasture hens

A view of the kid's summer chateau - a 52 year old tent!  (photo taken through upstairs window screen)
Morning Sky - taken while driving and hauling The Bad Girls and 20 Sheep- yes, while driving
Spying on the Kids - Out back visiting kitties
It's mid August.

Only 2 weeks and 2 days until school is back in session.

We love summer and are NOT ready for school.  Boo hoo.

I'm one of those mom's who loves this time of year - sunshine, no homework, daily episodes of adventures combined with work, and having time with my kids.  Our summer seems to have just begun and I'm hanging on to it as much as I can.

My two are 12 and 11 and at that ever so perfect age of 'in between'.  They still tolerating me - but just slightly.  They hug me in private.  In public, I tend to embarrass them.  They do not like it when I dance - especially in public.  Or whip out my camera. I have to do these things on the sly.

They are great company on adventures.  We can have 'big people talks', go out to eat, and enjoy each other's company. 

Only two more weeks of bliss. 


Suzanne C said...

What a sweet post. Love the pictures. you captured the essence of summer. Lovely!

Elise said...

I'm SO with you, my friend! WHAT EXCELLENT photos/moments captured! You seem to be living in the moment and from where I sit - that's the BEST that you can do! Bravo! I KNOW you'll enjoy the rest of your summer ~ my boy returns NEXT week! *gasp!* Enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY!!!!!

Lin said...

You are so right, Andi, savor these days! I love the pictures you shared, keep sneaking them in!

Karen said...

That definitely does look like summer bliss!! Took my boy out yesterday for a Mother & Son day, just the two of us, since he returns on Wednesday...Wednesday!! Yikes! Really? Where did the summer go?!

Keep enjoying your summer bliss for another couple weeks! :>:>

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Andi! Great photos! I am glad you are soaking up and savoring as much of summer as you can! :-)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Love this post! You are blessed indeed.

Looking forward to having your fresh lamb in our freezer soon :)

Have a safe and fun trip!

Lauren said...

Hey... glad to see you have a blog I can access again! :)