Monday, October 4, 2010

Soccer Games That Get Played in the Dark! And What Happens When the Kids Are in Charge!

Yes, there was a game going on when I shot this! Poor kids! 

That's Better. Gradually the full moon rose under the clouds - and the sun went down on the other side!

Oops.  I shot more moon shots than kid shots.  Nice mix of dirt mound, wheel lines, and housing, eh?

Different Day - Better Light.  There's a ball in the air instead of the moon!
Fall.  The bummer about this time of year and outdoor sports, and living so far up in the Northern Hemisphere is the shorter days.  Our soccer games are played at a Sports Complex - with no outdoor lighting.

Then, you have the ever so brilliant schedule makers, who schedule 6:16 pm games,for our age group (older kids, later bedtimes)  that run 1.25 hours, yet the sunset is 6:28 pm - seriously.  I looked it up just now.

And sunrise?  6:52 am.  I'm sitting here in the dark at home at 6:08 am!

The kids won their 10 am Saturday game yesterday (yeah! And against some amazon Bigger kids. All the other teams have huge monster kids.  This is the age group before High School Soccer.  We are playing the same age group - 10-14,  however, ours are the youngest (you can play up, not down and ours are aged 9-12).    Sami said 'some big fat girl' pushed her down.  Good thing I was not there and a safe 150 miles away in Boise.  I have those mommy instincts.  Killer mommy instincts. I'm sure the big man upstairs deliberately had me elsewhere so I would not have embarrassed my dd, or the coach or the rest of the team - and those parents that watch without saying a peep.  I have fantasy visions of me encouraging my daughter to take her out or say something snarky, like 'excuse me for getting in your way'.  But she did the right thing.  She got up, and walked off and hid her tears!). 

Speaking of kids... I left at 4am.. all they had to do, was wake up, eat, have their soccer stuff ready and do chores.  I called at 6am to wake them.  And on my second (third?) call, at 6:15am, they were up and moving.  The game was 9:15 am. 

Well.... Something happened during that whole time frame.  Rumor has it (well, reality), that their ride arrived (even a half hour late!) while they were still out in one of the fields changing wheel lines.  Jake was out in the field while Sami ran home and got both of their soccer gear.

Between them, at the game, they had 1 pair of sox, and 3 soccer shoes!  They had to take turns playing!  But they had their jerseys!  And their team still won! 

And, a 'new dog' was at the house when I got home.  While they were doing the morning chores, they had time to find a stray dog, bringt it home, set it up with food and water, and well.. got side tracked!!!

Cute kids. 

And the dog is back with her family:)


Elise said...

Cute! Oh, you guys have SUCH funny adventures! Glad to know that your cuties and SHARE! {OMG! One pair of socks - that is too funny!} And then you throw I stray dog in the mix! I love you show, darlin'! LOVE IT!

Stamping Cafe said...

LOL... your life is always so fun with full of adventures, Andi!! I especially love your attitude towards the everyday little bits, you inspire me! Hugs!!

Karen said...

I have kids who get very side tracked, very easily!!! And I can't stop laughing over the three shoes!!! Thanks for my late night giggle before I head off to bed! :>

Tami B. said...

Life is definitely an adventure. I love the shoe sharing part the very best. I do believe there's a children's book somewhere in this blog, Andi.

Suzanne C said...

Soccer in the dark. Hmm.. New sport. LOve the shoes and socks story, been there. :)

Kathy said...

Such a funny story Andi...sounds like your kids take everything in stride. What great memories. Sending hugs your way. I look forward to seeing your BFF. Hugs,Kathy