Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mrs. Claus' Workshop.. Day 2 - Featuring.... December Daily - First 5 Pages

One of my Digi Pages: AE Template & Digi items from Creativity by Crystal

Another Page featuring: AE Template + Mindy Terasawa's Christmas Dreams Kit

Same Formula: Ali Edwards Template + Mindy Terasawa's Christmas Dreams

AETemplate + Creativity by Crystal

AE Layered Template + Mindy Terasawa's Christmas Dreams Kit

Supplies: I am using this 12x12 layered templates kit - and I resized the images to 6x8

Supplies: This kit for my foundation pages -  resized to 6x8  - and I printed the first 5 on vanilla card stock

Supplies:  Mindy Terasawa's Christmas Dreams Kit

 My crafty zone is a disaster!  Today's focus (actually, yesterday, Saturday) was purely daily.... As in the December Daily project inspired by Ali Edwards.

Progress: I am on page 6 of 'just' my foundation pages.  Meaning, the 2-page spread that will hold journaling/stuff on one side (foundation page with the number down in the right corner), and a cute, digi page for the right side that I will add photos to in some of the boxes whereI currently have digi papers (Note:  I filled in most of the boxes 'just in case' my photos are smaller, or I want to put something else there, like, ticket stubs, are receipts, or lists... This way I am 'ahead' of the curve!).

Note:  These pages are currently made and printed at 6x8, but, after a night of 'sleeping on it' I think I will mount them on 8.5 x 11 Kraft cardstock and make my finished album at 8.5 x 11. 

And, this album will be a hybrid project.  Meaning, some digi mixed with some real sweet traditional supplies that are in my stash!

So.. after 5 hours, why am I only on page 6?????

I got side-tracked! 
  •  I got lost 'loving' on some of the digi goodies I purchased from Designer Digitals (note: purchased during the last quarter sale - no Black Friday stuff). 
  • I am LOVING the Christmas Dreams Kit' by Mindy Terasawa.  It's from 2008, and available at Designer Digitals.  I LOVE the patterned papers!  There are so many different things on one sheet - which works great for the whole 'template masking' thing. Meaning, you can use different parts of a page to fill in 'windows' on a template.  Fun.Fun.Fun. Super fun.  

  • And I am loving the free Christmas goodies from Creativity by Crystal.  The Write.Click.Scrapbook blog hosted some of Crystals goodies and tons of giveaways from her.  They are so adorable! You might recognize 'her style' on my blog design.  Yep.  Her goodies!  You can find more of her goods at the Jessica Sprague store... Yum.Yum.Yum. 

Technical Things that delayed my progress:
  •  Ali's instructions in her template files do not work with my version of PSE6.  I use Cathy Z's instructions instead.  Which work perfectly!
  • When it came time to print... I had 'issues'.  My printer hates cardstock.  I have to feed one sheet at a time, and print real slow and on super best quality.  Pffft.

  • I ran out of my very favorite photo paper,  (HP - Premium Semi Gloss, 6.5 mil) and had to use what was in stock at our local office supply store, which is Kodak glossy stuff, and my colors are not printing right!
These things are enough to drive a girl crazy and make you want to ... scream!

But, I thought I would share with you my progress and what I have been doing!   

Thanks for the visit:)


Karen said...

Awww girl, I'm doing some Happy Claaping for you (Happy Dance + Thunderous Applause)!!! I wanted to do Ali's December Dailies, but with the new Jessica Sprague class & Tim's tags, I'm just not sure I'm going to get to it. Yes, yes, I know, I know. I need to gather my supplies & start my foundation pages WAY ahead of time and I'll stand a better chance of completing it. But, I think I'm liking your trying it out digi style. Maybe I'll go that route or at least hybrid next time (after beginning the process in...oh, say...summer!! lol). But, again Happy Clapping & GOOD FOR YOU for doing it!!!! :>:>:>:> YAY ANDI!!!!

Elise said...

Just BREATH! {I have a love/HATE affair with my printer, too. All I can EVER use is vanilla or white from S/U, and even that is prone to fussiness!} These are looking SMOKIN' hot, my dear! 6 in 5 hours! HELLO! That sounds great to me! You are a PIONEER woman, if ever there was one! I'm in AWE! {Rhymes with YEE HAW!}

itsallrosi said...

these are great! and now that you're into it I think the rest of the pages will go a lot faster. and if you're just printing digi pages, not photos, Epson Matte Presentation paper works great.

Anonymous said...

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Kelly Booth said...

LOVE these Pages Andi...i really admire that you make time for this in such a busy month!!

Anonymous said...

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