Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Big Garage Sale Tomorrow!!!

Yes.. tomorrow.. at Sarah Martina's blog there is going to be  HUGE sale of goodies!

Me???? I've got my peepers peeped on Waltzing Mouse Stamps!!  Sarah is on the DT.. and
my fingers are crossed that she will be letting some go!

And.. dies! 

Go check out her blog for a heads up on what she will have and the deets on how to get the sale...

here's a link:  Sarah's Blog with Pre Sale info 

ps.. Yes.. I am still alive.. just hangin' low!!  On the creative front, I did a bunch of stuff for NSD that I have not posted yet, and I have been running from one daily life 'event' to the next!!!

Hope to see you all soon!


Barb said...

You sound busy, Andi. . . .busy and happy! Thanks for the heads up on the sale! Hugs! :)

Karen said...

Hi Andi. You do very nice work, and I hope you are able to post more work. I would love to see what else you make. If you get a chance, please stop by my blog and "follow" me and I will also "follow" you if you would like.