Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July from Haines, Oregon!

This makes my heart happy:  Jake and Sami are laughing at who knows what! Signs of Summer:  Home made potato salad, BBQ chicken and flowers from the LG Farmers Market

My Front Yard and Sami trying out one of my new $1.00 lounge chairs

Happy Feet!  Me, trying out another one of the $1.00 lounge chairs

Potato Plants in my garden

Badminton in Larry's Park - tonight we will be around the fire pit and roasting marshmallows, lighting fireworks and watching the Haines Fireworks!

14 year old summer beauty - she kept me running on the badminton court

One of our 4th of July Rodeo's - last night, on the 3rd, right here in Haines.  My favorite things - cowboys, hats, wranglers and the flag

Wild Cow milking.  Who picked the darn longhorns for this event?

My yard!  I love it. Love it. Love it.

The lounge setup

Front Door with 4th Wreath (we don't use this door)

Some decor

More Decor - by that 'not used' front door
It's the 4th.  The biggest celebration for our little town, here in Haines, Oregon!
Rodeos. BQ. Parade. A huge fireworks display at 10pm.
Art in the Park.
Not bad for a little town of 300 people. (Cows and horses out number people)

Sami, Jake and I will be selling bracelets and custom engraved water bottles (metal, with rodeo bucking horse on them) for our friends whose three children have heart defects - two are down in Palo Alto CA right now.  One is waiting for a heart transplant, and she is on a Berlin heart right now.  Their little boy, 3 years old, has a pacemaker. (The sale was a huge success!  We ran out!).  Their oldest had a heart transplant 6 years ago. 

Sami and I also served food at the Haines BBQ - for our little town.  I love that both my kids helped 'serve others' today.  Without a complaint.  They are awesome.  Jake even walked around in the crowd downtown with water bottles with one of the dads, and they came back empty.  I feel blessed that my young teens have hearts like this.  That they are willing to help out. 

And... at today's rodeo... Nine-thousand dollars was raised for the Bingham family.  90!  Yes!

God Bless America.  Happy Birthday to this great country of ours, and to the people who all make it what it is by helping others and giving so generously - their time, their dollars, their love, their hearts or their lives.

Here is a link to a website that is raising money for our friends:

Hearts for Binghams

Happy 4th my friends!
I am off to take a nap so I can 'stay up' for this evening's fireworks festivities!!


Lin said...

Great post, Andi, it makes me proud to be an American! Thank you!

mrxexon said...

Greetings from the bay area, Charleston, Oregon.

I just stumbled across your website and it jarred loose some memories of my time in Baker City about 25 years ago. I'd often ride my bike up to the Haines general store, have a soda, and ride back home.

If I ever win the lottery, I'm gonna come back and buy the town, okay?

Ciao, baby.