Monday, August 20, 2012

Back To School Shop-Swim-Play Trip! August 2012

Saturday Morning:  We stopped at BELLA for Lemon Heads for the Drive
But first, on Friday Night I had to wait for  Sami and Jake to finish chores.  I arrived at 6pm.  They were in the house.
Putting up the hot wire for the next grazing cell - see the smoky sky? Lots of fires abound.

Coming Back to move the beef

Taking down the fence in front of the beef so they can move farther to the new fence line
After our successful day of shopping in Boise. 

Sami's New Nikes. 

Jake, chillaxing in a chair in the hotel room.  Next to his pullout bed.

I found a bunch of these 'Sami takes the camera' photos!  Stinker. 

Kills me, this one.

The water park!  I was trying to get them in the tube.  Rats.

Getting out

One more time?

Yeah, it's hard work, but someone has to do it!

I went through that enclosed tube.  Sami said 'you will look back in 50 years and say you did this'!  So glad she is confident I will live to 100!

Sami toward the end of our day

Jake, all tired out!
Another one of those Sami shots in the hotel room

Darn it!  That little scamp!  Check out her face! 

Notice the clock!  I am awake after 10pm!  NOW this I want to remember in 50 years! Party girl.

The drive home.  Kids asleep.  Me?  Wondering about those funky clouds
This past weekend was our annual 'go to the big city' and do our school shopping, stay in a hotel, go to the water part, etc. trip. In other words?  End of Summer vacation.  Packed into two days.

Things I want to remember:

Friday night, after a very long work week (site review from the State of Oregon and GOBHI at our offices), I was ready to just crash.  I went to pick the kids up at 6pm, and they were NOT ready.  As a matter of fact, they were still in the house but deciding if they should move the beef.  Their father was not answering the phone (on his way to Portland via an event in Elgin).  So.. Kids moved cattle.  Me?  I took photos.   My kids are so responsible!

Sami woke on Saturday (still here at home) before 6am!  She was showered and ready to hit the road.  Me?  In bed until I heard the shower.  Jake?  In bed until the very last minute.  That girl loves to shop!  We stopped in Baker for gas and goodies at BELLA. 

Cost of the trip:  Close to $450 dollars for the items on the bed (minus Jake's new church shirts, which I swear are the same size as his smaller ones already hanging in the closet!).  Dang it does not go far, now does it?  Of course a $75 dollar pair of shoes sure takes a dent out of the budget, and a new belt.  I am sure I spent about the same amount for the 'vacation' portion of our trip: gas ($55 each way), food ($60 for Olive Garden - but we made that our lunch and dinner), water park ($69), and another $30 for food at the water park... and a few other money pits along the way. 

Sami's Favorites:  Hollister.  That girl loves that store.  And American Eagle.  She wanted the flower belt she saw last month when we stopped at the store.  So, she got it.  She was also on the hunt for neon skinny jeans, or jeggings.  Score!  Mint Green and Purple.  Her favorite?  A cozy cute pullover sweater from Hollister.

Jake's Favorites: All the Nike shorts he picked out at Kohl's.  Three pairs.  For some reason, he is on a shorts kick right now.  He only got one new pair of jeans.  Hey, he is 13.  His other jeans seem in good shape, and most boys are living in shorts right now - yeah, we will see how the winter goes.

Entertainment Highlights:  
  • The Boise State Broncos had a free scrimmage game and free parking Saturday night!  So we went!  We lasted until half time.  I took photos with the phone but can not get them on my computer! Grrrr...It was hotter than heck on Saturday.  The game was at 7pm and I think it cooled down to 97degrees.  Summer, baby. Love it.  
  • Smurf Turf:  The Broncos stadium!  We were right 'there' on the 50 yard line in the first bank of seats!  Great view. 
  • The red setting sun Saturday night.  Man, was it gorgeous.  Due to all the fires and smoky skies.
  • Sami taking funny photos.  She kills me.  Yeah, I am in my jammies in those hotel shots.  Not what you would call glamor shots. Oh well!
  • Roaring Springs Water Park:  Always fun!  We got there right when it opened at 11am, had front row parking in the paved portion of the parking lot, and the lines were nice and short until 'more people' arrived!  The hardest part for me was just walking up all the stairs for the rides.
  • Overcoming my claustrophobia:  I am not one for dark enclosed places.  I had to count when we went through the enclosed tube.  I had lessons last October when I had the MRI of my brain.  This was shorter and easier... Just had to keep on counting...
So. After the water park (we lasted 4 hours), we drove home.  The kids were OUT!  So glad they still love to do things like this with me!  Sunday's temps were a lot cooler, by 20 degrees from Saturday, and it was overcast.  As we got closer to home, the temps dropped to about 75 degrees, and there were rain storms and wind!  Crazy weather.

This morning Jake texted me.  Wondering if he left is Ipod in the car.  (We go through this every now and then, he sends me on a wild goose chase, only to find his Ipod in some weird spot. Never fails).  What I did find:
  • A pair of dirty black socks under his seat, along with his nice Nike shoes
  • two Lemon Heads
  • $90 in cash.  Yep.  Cold Cash.
When I texted him the list of my findings, he told me, the money is his and 'I am not kidding'.   So much for finders keepers! 


Karen said...

Looks like a fun summer, Andi! Self portraits shot in a mirror is quite indicative of social media dayz, no? Hope the fires aren't anywhere near you guys! And all three of you have a fantastic year - 'cause the new year really does start in the Fall, ya know?! ;> :>

Judy1223 said...

What a great way to wrap up summer vacation! Great pics, great scenery, fun times at the water park...I say you keep the $90!