Sunday, September 23, 2012

Arrrrrr! Recap of 9/19 Talk Like A Pirate Day

My Pirate Flag - Hung outside my office cubicle (my pirate name is to the left, you might be able to click on the photo and read about Captain Anne Vane!)

Rico, Me, Natalie and Julie - Office Pirates in front of Rico's Flag!

Too bad this one is blurry! (Thank goodness for a stash of pirate gear left over from a certain lad's bday party many years ago)
OK.. So, earlier this week was International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  As you can see, four of us dressed up for the occasion.  One of my teammates, Rico, is a self-proclaimed pirate, so we do this to honor his favorite day.  He is also a Parrot Head, and is very excited that he and his bride are going to see Jimmy Buffet in Boise next month.  Arrrrrr!  He is not your typical accountant.

I have to mark this day as another 'Day of Humility in the Life of Andi'.  I brought some 'street clothes' for my other duties that day, and had planned on changing out of my garb.  But, some of my coworkers persuaded me to 'stay dressed' for the day's duties. I trusted their opinion, after all  they are 'high management' types (aka, 'we look so much better when you, our newest teammate, do things like this' types).  So, not only did I 'just' dress up (like a complete idiot), I also went out in public in my garb and shopped, solo, at a local big box store.  None of the other pirates would go with me, and I HAD TO get new ink for my home printer.  Yeah, I did it.  Yeah, I felt like a dork.  The team dork.

But, that was not all!  I also had to facilitate a meeting that evening.  Which I did.  In full pirate gear, again, at the nudging of my teammates. They love me, right? Thank goodness another pirate was in attendance, Natalie.  And, the meeting was off-site, and some of the attendees have never met me.  Ha ha ha.  My real job? Community Relations (and Emergency Preparedness, and other duties like meeting facilitation and grant writing) for my 'agency'.  Lordy. 

The meeting went very well.  But then?

Evening festivities.  Met my team for a celebratory drink - outdoors, in public.  Ha ha ha.  At least 2 other pirates came along!

And that is a recap of one of my days of humility.

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