Monday, September 3, 2012

There's a Chill in the Air. Labor Day Weekend

I'm still getting over the shock of having four of my big ol' Willows 'chopped' (the one on the right was left alone since it is not in the way of the power lines).  I came home one day and was so upset to see these!  My shade!  My privacy! The home to 1,000 happy birds!  Gone. Couldn't they have waited one more month?

I planted mums over the weekend.  Shocked my kids! 

First frost was Saturday morning.  My 'secret garden' (all volunteers) got hit

Down in Baker today.  We honored a fallen soldier.  This sweet man cozied up to me after an hour and we chatted about his service in Korea, and families, and somehow he asked If I am a single mom.  I think he felt sorry for me.  He invited me to his church and he wanted to make sure I was taking care of my soul.   I assured him I am!  He was very sweet and nice.  I enjoyed talking with him.  He had a big ol' gouge and stitches in his cheek from falling yesterday while picking apples.  He only got 2 for all his pain! He talked about how everyone he ever new is now dead - we agreed that God has a plan for him at 80. His little doggy is sure darn cute!  So, why is it that older men will come up and talk to me but not boys my age (50 to 60)! Chickens.

My kids waiting patiently and wishing they ate before we left this morning!

Earlier this evening I could hear this guy flying back and forth out in front of my house.  So, I shot him (with the camera)!
Ah, September.

I love summer, and have such a hard time when it's time to say goodbye to the lovely heat! It takes me a couple of days to 'embrace' the cooler nights and brisk mornings.  Instead of having the front and back doors open to catch a breeze and cool the house down, I am wearing my slippers, fuzzy pants and a sweatshirt, and finding that any open window leaves a cold spot on the floor below it.  It has been in the 30's the last couple of mornings.  Yep.  Cold.

This was our last 'summer weekend'.  Sami starts High School tomorrow (did you HEAR THAT?).  She will be in 9th grade, and Jake will be in 8th.  Aand because my kids go to a very small rural school, Sami has to commute to the big town of Baker to be on a different school's Soccer Team (our school, North Powder, does not have soccer teams).  Get that?  She is attending one school, and playing on another's team.

 OK, see if you can follow this:  I live in Haines.   I work in La Grande, which is 37 miles to the north. The kids go to school 7 miles to the north, in North Powder.  And the soccer team school is at Baker High, which is about 10 miles south of Haines, yet, 50 or so miles from my work, and about 25 miles from where Sami goes to school.  This.Is.A.Logistic.Nightmare. 

I am relying on one of her friends families to get her back and forth (from North Powder to Baker then Back to North Powder) so that I or her dad can pick her up after practice. 

This too shall pass!  She has practice every single week day, from 4pm until 6pm. 

But, yesterday, on Sunday, I welcomed Fall.

I bought some mums on Saturday, and planted them early on Sunday, before church! The kids were shocked!  And, after church, I bought more mums, and this morning they again, made it into the ground.  My kids don't know who I am (she who has great intentions but continuously waters containers).

My trees that were so rudely butchered earlier in the week are still 'home' to a bazillion chickadees.  Thank God for small acts of love. 

Sunday night I made lamb stew for dinner and the three of us watched a sweet movie.

And, today, Labor Day,  was bitter sweet.  I hauled my kids to Baker (after my speed mum planting) so we could stand and hold flags for a 21 year old  fallen soldier who was killed last week in Afghanistan by 'green' fire.  Our little town of Baker is only 10,000 people, and it is the largest city in our entire county.  We left here at 9am and returned at 1pm.  We left without eating breakfast so we could be there on time - the precession was over an hour late, but we stuck it out.  No words can be said about this event other than I feel for his poor mother (he was her only child) and am so very grateful for his sacrifice as well as hers.  Heartbreaking.

When we got home we all just did our own thing.  I even made a card (see previous post)!
And, now, it looks like it is time to get ready for tomorrow!

So long summer.... it was beautiful while it lasted.


mrxexon said...

I inadvertantly stumbled upon your blog a while back (4th of July) and find myself attracted to your humble, domesticated country lifestyle. Always liked Haines. Remarkable country. And off the radar for an average Oregonian.

No men your own age want to get friendly? I can't believe that. From what I see here on the internet, you're quite a dish.

I don't frequent blogs ordinarily. But I've come to enjoy reading your's. The 4 years I spent in Baker City reminds me of what it's like to have 4 distinct seasons. To hear you lament about the weather brings back those memories for me.

I love a chill in the air.


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