Sunday, April 26, 2015

Deep in This Head of Mine - Sunday, April 26

Saturday Night - Taking in a few moments of silence

I prayed a lot yesterday.  I cried.  I worried.  I felt like throwing up.

First, the earthquake in Nepal.  A coworker/friend has been studying in the area since January.  I was worried and frightened that she might have been one of the thousands to have died.  She was just in Kathmandu on Thursday, where the earthquake hit and 'we' had no idea where she was after that.  This morning one of her friends posted that she is fine and will reach out when she can.  Thank you, God.

Then.  The horrid news that a young girl from our small school community committed suicide Friday night.  Ug......  Thirteen years old.  A brother found her and tried to administer CPR.  The responders were all locals.  Volunteers.  Fellow parents and neighbors.  This is small town America. Something like this hits hard when everyone one, knows everyone. And news travels fast.  Jake said she was the smartest girl in her class and he had no idea why she would do this.  She was one year younger than him.  Poor sweet soul.  Poor sweet brothers, sisters, mother, father, friends, teachers. 

My kids, Thank God, seem to be processing this 'well'.  Unfortunately, they were introduced to death at an early age.  Sami is friends with one of the older brothers, so she is closer to the family than Jake or I.   So, in my head I crawled yesterday.  Wondering what on earth could have been going on in her life that she felt the need to end it?

Praying for all.  Taking moments of silence.  And listening to God's whisper.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Lovely Easter... and God's Not Dead

Hot Cross Buns - From Kneads Bakery

Easter Lily - From my Guy

My Commute Home.  Sigh. I love falling into the sky

Good Friday - The doors were locked

Preparing our Dinner - Menu was Leg of Lamb, Scallop Potatoes, Caesar Salad

Easter morning Treats for the Kids (who are teens)

Easter Breakfast
I love Easter.
A large part of my life has been about 'do-overs' and second chances.
The Resurrection sings to me. 
On Friday at noon I picked up goodies from Kneads Bakery in La Grande, then went to the local Catholic Church to have a moment of silence.  The door was locked.  So much for having my private moment. So, I had it in my car.
 For Easter I made dinner Saturday night because the kids are with their dad on Sundays.  They leave at about 7am.
Sunday I had the option of skiing with friends - last day up at the Mountain, or having a day with myself.
I chose the latter.
After doing a few chores - fixing the weather stripping on the front door, vacuuming, and getting cat hair off of the furniture, I realized I could still make Mass if I hustled.
So, I hustled.
I even showered and wore a dress.
 Mass was beautiful. Our church in Baker is beautiful.
I was in heaven.  Close to heaven.  And I loved it.
The weather was a rain/snow mix so I was glad I made the choice to not ski.
And, when I got home, I had Easter Dinner, a glass of red wine, and watched God's Not Dead. Sami watched it the day before and she said it was good and that I should watch it.
It gives me hope that she may feel the call of God, afterall.
My kids don't attend church or pursue their faith.
I have told them it's their own spiritual journey, and that I hope they do make that choice.
I have told them, whenever they feel alone in this world, to pray to God.  And to know he is always there.  
I think they are getting closer.
And, thus.  God's Not Dead!
In his name.
Peace, my friends.