Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tuesday Week in the Life, August 18, 2015

Flowers on my office desk. Black Dahlias.

Bigger view of my office.  A whole lotta balls in the air right now.

Another new dress (pattern at top of photo) meets my Apron in the evening (pattern below)

Loving my yard.  My potted summer flowers are toast.  Ready for Fall Mums.

Yes!  A reprieve from the smoke!  View West the front of the house.

Turn around from the mountain view and shot a photo of my casa

Rosie.  My kittie.  She walks out to the edge of the walk,  sits and looks around.  Kitty Zen time.

I saved this on August 18th in my Facebook Reader

No need to delve into the routine.  The photos capture the day.
The only additions are:

Work Day:
Daily Smoke Call:  State is on fire, new fires keep surfacing.  
Public Health Team. Frustration.  I reminded them we have a drive thru flu clinic on October 3rd and we are needing people to actually staff it. Nurses, lane organizers, greeters. Anyone.  It will be on a Saturday.  This is what 'we are all about' but getting people to actually step up and help outside their 'normal' hours is like pulling teeth.  It frustrates me.  Only one nurse is committing.  I need three.  And yes, people actually drive their cars through and get their vaccine while they stay in their cars.  My big idea is to have the radio station on site, broadcasting it, and make this a community event with giveaways, etc.  Sometimes, I am alone in these grand thoughts.  Folks complain our vaccine rates are lower than what they predict and thus their budgets are suffering.  Offer them a solution and no one wants to put in the effort.   Ask me what I would rather be doing on a Saturday.  I live away, have to drive over, give up time with my kids. My daughter will be a senior and most likely I will be missing one of her soccer games. Go figure.  Yes.  This was a rant.  Not sure I will actually publish it. But there you are. This is 'week in the life' after all.  I will publish it.
Lunch:  Tuesdays are Rotary Days.  Stay longer for a board meeting with the District Governor. I enjoy Rotary.  Like minded people who are all about service to their community.  Great hearts and souls.  Salt of the earth.  They lift my spirits.
End of Day:  Stop at the Farmers Market and the grocery store.  Go home and start dinner.  A nice dinner for the kids.  This is when I actually put effort into cooking.  When they are here. Organic chicken thighs, wild rice, and our nightly routine of fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, and a baquet with dipping ramekins of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

OH!  But while I was cooking, Sami texts me to say she is in Baker and I need to go get Jake from the ranch.  Ha. there I was all Betty Crocker and all.  Happy in my little world.  She drives and usually brings her brother with her.  She now has 'daily doubles' of soccer practice, and did not have her brother with her.  It's about 6:30 pm when I send him a message seeing if he wants a ride. Poor kid.  So, I drive another 14 miles to go get him and bring him back.

Sami was here when we arrived.  Should have made her go and get him.

And that wraps up Tuesday.

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