Thursday, August 16, 2007

Photos From Our Fishing Trip!

This is Jake, when we arrived at our destination. The hike is brutal!

Sami Fly Fishing (Dick is giving lessons)

Jake - Fly Fishing with my Powell Rod!

The Catch of the Day - Jake 2, Dick 8, Sami 4.
All Brook Trout. The fish were jumping!!!

Me, sharing my catch of the day!

The Trail Head - We hiked uphill to the trail head,
and still had 1 more mile to go - also uphill!

Our Destination. Van Patten Lake, part of the
Anthony Lakes complex, 17 miles from our place!

The view from our front door faces the Elkhorn Mountains. Our ranch is right along the Anthony Lakes Highway, which takes you up to the Anthony Lakes Ski Resort (best powder in the pacific northwest my friends!), and all of 'the lakes'. The route is part of the Elkhorn Scenic Byway.

Van Patten Lake can only be accessed via foot, horse or mountain bike. We hiked in, and let me tell you, it is brutal! The trail head is about a mile from the parking area, and then you still have another mile to get to the lake.. But worth every single 'bun killing' step! There were so many fish jumping! Awesome day.. One of the best to be had that I can remember. I'll share more later!

If Elaine from Boise is checking this out, be sure to let your husband take a peek. Fly fishing heaven!

Also, one of my good friends, Jim Clarkson, owns Raptor Rod Works, in Chico, CA ( He made Dick's fly rod, and he used to work for Powell Fly Rod, where mine was custom made. Thanks Jim!


Dawn said...

GreAT pictures Andi....Love your catch pic.. The pics of the kiddos with your dh are great. What fun to be had. I loved reading and seeing it with you....

Vintage Papers said...

oh Andi you live in God's country.
gorgeous photos it looks like such a wonderful time!

Kerilou said...

Oh, those photos are gorgeous! What spectacular scenery!! Great photos for layouts!! Kerilou