Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Guard Dog Arrival!

Dick trying to convince 'Curious George' that his new home is AOK!

Jake with Duke

Sami and Dick drove 8 hours yesterday to Washington to purchase and bring home our two new guard dogs, Curious George (a 4 month old male puppy) and Duke (a four year old male). These dogs are Great Pyrenees and their job is to protect livestock. They are for the most part known for their large size and mellow attitude, unless you are a coyote or stranger. They will be staying with the sheep to prevent coyote kills, which we have been experiencing once again.

Sami named Curious George. Duke came named. George barked all night. For a puppy, his voice is definitely a lot deeper than our older livestock dogs! And, George is also bigger!

Notice the size of Duke compared to Jake, my 8 year old!


Dawn said...

Wow, I thought you were getting little puppies. I had no idea they are grown. Are they already trained? Do they know what to do? They are really cute. the pup is. the older dog reminds me of the dog from that movie where they run away and find thier way back home....Cool story..

*karendianne. said...

Fantastic! This is nothing but fun for everyone. Love to hear the news!!!

Sandy said...

Hey girlfriend! I'm finally catching up on my bloghopping. What a treat to see lots of photos!! Tfs! Love the fake hair---I don't know how to make it work either, sorry! Nice school pics---don't worry, the military look will fade as long as you (as Mama) DON'T wear combat boots yourself! :P

And I love the new puppies! Wahooo! Huge ones, eh?? Where in WA did you come to get em? And why didn't you tell me you were comin', huh, huh? lol...

Seeya later alligator... :)

Kerilou said...

Holy cow!! Talk about some huge dogs!! My rott Harley is 125 pounds, and my 4 month old blue heeler is surely not this big!! They are GORGEOUS!! Congrats on the new arrivals! Keri

Wife2TJ said...

Oh I love Great Pyranese, they are so sweet! What a beautiful dog!