Sunday, September 2, 2007

Photos from our Camping Trip!

Our fishing destination - Crawfish Lake, 1 1/2 mile hike in.
This is the lake Jake fell into, clothes and all,
and it was a cold day!

Camp spot at Olive Lake, in Eastern Oregon.
This is the tent we all slept in.. Cozy? Oh, yeah.
I learned both boys talk in their sleep, and make a ton of noise!

Part of the lovely hike in Crawfish Lake.
Such a beautiful hike! Lots of fun things to look at,
and what an awesome foot bridge!

Olive Lake, Our Camping Destination, Eastern Oregon

Greetings everyone! Here are some photos from our Camping trip last Sunday and Monday. It was a fun adventure... I am convinced parents do these things mainly for 'character building' for their kids.. Why else would we all sleep in one tent, on the ground, with wild critters and crazy people in our midst? Why would we pick the two coldest days of the week to sleep outside at high elevations? And, why the heck would we plan our trip on opening day of archery season? We are the Sextons... adventure abounds in our lives!

When we got home I asked everyone what their favorite part of our trip was. Both Jake and Dick said 'breakfast'. Hmm...not the scenery, the lakes, the full moon (how could you not love the full moon?) or hearing about mommy being scarred all night by Yahoos and wild beasts? I guess dinner was just OK?, eh? Obviously I have some tricks to learn in the outdoor cuisine arena..

For dinner Sunday we had hamburgers and fried menu. Dick and I drank a bottle of wine (my favorite part of the trip, by the way, other than the full moon and pulling Jake out of the Lake), and we sat and 'froze' while telling ghost stories... and we froze during the night and in the morning... Sami it turns out is an awesome little story teller... Her eyes get huge, and she loves to draw things out.. very dramatic... Her father also is a great teller! His stories are very animated, he gets up, walks around and used a drawl to tell his 'cowboys and coyotes' story... too fun!

Breakfast, Monday morning, was eggs, bacon and toast, and cowboy coffee for us older folks.. we forgot cocoa for the kids... poor little buggers! Everyone had frozen fingers! This menu is the same exact fare as at home, but, cooked outside... love that fresh air!

Not sure when we will go again, but here is our list of things to remember for our next trip:

Carry emergency clothes when hiking
Cocoa for Kids
tarp for under the tent
'Pack long sleeve shirts and a coat' has different meanings to different people!
Two tents has got to be better than one!
More than two burners are needed to cook for 4
soccer mom chairs are not built for adults - need serious cozy camping chairs!


Dawn said...

Ohh, it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Great pics.

*karendianne. said...

Ha! Now this is the way to do it, this is the way I did it growing up myself. Great fun, lots of stories. In Montana my horse and I slid down a shale mountainside towards a sheer cliff - for real - not far obviously or I'd be a dead descendant of a Mexican Princess but for an 11 year old it was enough for me. Shakin' in my boots and to heck with fishing.

Mountain Girls Unite Love, *karendianne.

Kerilou said...

You are truly a miracle mom...nuf said! keri