Sunday, September 2, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Sami and Me with our Fake Hair!

Here we are again, a side view

The boys at the Clinique Counter, Good taste, eh?

Oh, yeah... Margaritaville!
And, mommy only had one drink!

OK! So, got home Monday night from our camping trip, then woke at 4am Tuesday to pack again, do laundry, clean up the camp stuff, get all my meat orders organized, deliver meat to a store, gas the rig, and hit the road for the annual school shopping trip! Did I mention I forgot my driver's license? Oh yeah. Left it w/ my fishing gear. Dang! I had to pay for a new one! I thought I was so good to notice it missing and 'wanted to do right' by getting a temporary replacement. You know, like a temporary credit card? Why on earth would I want to lose an hour drive time by going back home to get it? Silly DMV people... they made me buy a new one! RATS! And, of course the photo is horrid. I had 'leftover' hair from the previous night's shower. And I am packing 10 extra pounds! I could not tell a lie.. I haven't had to redo my license data in, well, 9 years!

Anyway, we stayed 2 nights in Boise, (Tues & Wed) and I successfully talked another mom into coming along with her kids...don't know if they had as much fun as us, but I would have to say, I love my city fix! The plan was to take in some fun as well. Roaring Springs Water Park, the Zoo, and the Discovery Center. The hotel had an indoor pool, and the kids did not want to go anywhere else, unless it involved water. Unfortunately, Boise started school a week earlier, and thus the water park was only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Now that was a big disappointment! And I so wanted to wear my bathing suit in public and show off my thigh sharonas (wrong!).

Let's start with the fake hair. Sami and I both love to play 'dress up'. She's a girly girl. Thank you Lord! We played at this little kiosk in the mall and got dolled up. Did I buy the fake hair? Oh yeah. What can I say? I have been experiencing some serious bad hair days! Can I get it to work the way the sales chick did? Heck no! Dang! Gonna need some lessons... I'll be packin' the hair back to Boise for some sit down consultation(s)... may take a few... the hair piece resembles a dead critter when it's 'sitting' in the car. Oh. And Sami is so disappointed I did not buy her her own fake hair. WE have to share!

And who doesn't love Clinique? Man! Once every 3 or 4 years I need a fix. This trip was a definite 'fix it' trip! Just a few items: eye wrinkle stuff and new eye color. I also got some new running/walking shoes and a workout 'ensemble' for my morning walk, slash 'run a few steps' routine! Again, another once every 3 or 4 year fix.

We also got Dick his birthday goodies... a new pocket knife, diamond steel, and running/walking shoes for him! Not that he runs..just like me. More like good cozy shoes for walking about, when he's not wearing work boots. His other pair were killing him when we were hiking!

And of course, the mega school shopping. Score! Done deal. Winter coats, clothes, Jammie's, cozy clothes and soccer stuff. Off the list!

The finale. A beautiful Margarita with dinner. Love a good cocktail after a hard day of shopping.

We never made it to the zoo or the discovery center either. We did go to Petco on the way home. Sami is on another critter mission! This time she wants a little white mouse. Gads. So for being such a good shopping assistant she got a little ball to put her future mouse in. The kind that rolls about your home freely. You can also get a race track set, just for the ball. Hilarious! I'm sure our three orange cats are going to have a field day with this next critter. Jake picked out a little skateboard guy for his toy. He really wants a game boy, or computer games. Dick and I both refuse to go down the gameboy path of destruction! I know some of you moms love them for travel, or keeping kids busy at restaurants or wherever, but boy, we are not going down that road!

Anyway, we saw all sorts of critters at Petco and figured it 'was right up there' with a zoo (Phew! that was a close one!). Jake loved the tarantula. Say What??? No! You can not have a tarantula! Why? Because I said so, that's why! NO, they aren't nice little pets!

So, we hit the road to come home and get Dick's bday dinner made! Prime rib, baked potatoes, green beans and cake. Turns out we didn't' have to rush. I had dinner ready about 5:30 pm and Mr. Sexton did not get home until 7pm. He was at the stinkin' livestock sale! 'It's Thursday' after all! The Prime Rib ran out last night. Saturday. Rats. Guess I have to cook tonight...

I do love a good shopping trip, but alas, there is no place like home! Hotel rooms get a little cramped. I like my space and sure have lots of it right here on the ranch. Nothing like breathing in the fresh air, having our windows open all night, and just having our nice, peaceful life.


Dawn said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend...Shopping fun stuff...

Debra Day said...

Love to see your kids in the photos. You never change. Still the prettiest (don't tell your sisters). That margarita looked like a nice size aquarium!! LOL After a long day, pretty much thats what it takes anyway. (containing my wish to have joined you on that one). :))

*karendianne. said...

I really enjoyed reading this one. What a special memorable mother/daughter moment you had. I dig this for you. And the margarita was well deserved treat.

Margaritaville Love, *karendianne.

Kerilou said...

Your trip sounded like such fun!! I love how you describe all your experiences! I like the hair, too!! Keri