Thursday, October 18, 2007

Are You Ready for Another Digi Layout?

Beautiful - Samantha, Sacramento River, Chico CA

Can you believe it? Look! Another digital layout!! So, I 'got to' learn how to convert a color photo to black and white by using the level & saturation options...aka, knobs to turn up the lightness or make the shadows darker, etc... Fun stuff!

I also am learning how to 'flatten' jpeg files and save them to different pixel dimensions so they don't take up so much space when they are uploaded to the web (like a blog) or emailed... Man, do they fly faster now! Who knew? Certainly not me!!

Gee, this is fun stuff!

OK, back to 'life outside my computer'! We had a whopper of a storm today... snow, etc. All day long! The snow did not stick, turned to rain, but, that means ice tomorrow.. Yuck.

I bought the kids and I our Halloween costumes! Tee hee! Yep! Bought.. and Yep! I have a costume, too! This year, if the weather is clear, we are going to drive over to a historic hotel about an hour away that is putting on a haunted house, trick or treat, and all the bells and whistles... This will be our first Halloween Haunted House! I hope we are ready for this... the kids and me, that is.. I do not like scary things... but, the kids are getting big, and I am so tired of trick or treating downtown in the freezing cold! The hotel at least will be indoors...the entire 2nd floor is devoted to trick or treating, and it's historic, which means it lends itself to all sorts of 'great' Halloween decor!

On the Slow Cooker Movement: Dick cooked tonight! Slow cooked on the stove 'Dick's Beans'. Now, keep in mind he is a cowboy.. not your typical beans.. his beans must have meat.. This was a chuck roast with beans stew type of dinner... and cowboy biscuits! Yum... A big hit..

I'm going to waddle off to bed! It's very cozy in our house right now.. even though it is about 30 degrees outside (at 9pm!)...


Sue McGettigan said...

The haunted hotel sounds like fun Andi, hope you have a blast! What is your costume??

As for snow, rain and ice - what are they?? (OK, rain we do have down here in So. Cal., every now and then :)

*karendianne. said...

Well first off, you're learning so really cool things. What you wrote on this digital layout almost brought tears to my eyes. Sheesh - stop it will ya!

Enjoy the chilly weather. I'm hopeful it'll reach Florida eventually. 89' of Humid Love, *karendianne.

Kerilou said...

I love your layout!! That hotel sounds too cool! I hope to try to start a bit more digital/hybrid when I ever get a new computer!! Keri

Dawn said...

WOw, you are really good at the whole digi thing. I can't even get my ipod to work...geesh you are soooo talented. so now how do you put them into your book???

Sandy said...

Okay okay so your LOs are really nice....I might let you keep going digi without TOO much harrassment! lol.

Welcome to winter---stay warm!!!! When are you coming up my way??

Vintage Papers said...

I love this layout! gorgeous details!

Michelle said...

Cool digi LO...I have never done a digi LO...have you ever been to Di Hickman's site? She is also a digi scrapper.