Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Soccer Coaches - DigiScrap Style!

A tribute to Jake's Soccer Coaches

So, soccer has come and gone! THAT was a fast six weeks! This was the first year I had Sami & Jake on separate teams... so Jake could be 'the big boy' for once... Man, talk about logistics! For you 'active' mom's out there that have more than 2 kids with separate activities... my hat is off to you!!!

So, the layout above is my first Digital Scrapbook Page... Uh Huh.. That's right... Digital! I am taking an online class from THE DigiQueen Jessica Sprague herself! How about that??? It is so darn cool! We are in the first week and have 3 more to go... I am so darn excited! I use Photoshop Elements 3 - and have had it for a few years now but could not figure 'stuff' out on my own.. other than quick photo fixes and organizing and printing my photos. So, I bit the bullet... and well, look!!!

Now for all my paper and ink girly & boy friends - don't fret!!! This is just another one of my tools! I am so excited and I will probably be one of those 'hybrid' scrappers... Manipulate w/ computer, and ink, embellies, and dimensions...

Oh.. and yes, I did see the typo in the journaling on the digipage... I'll have to 'deal' with that later!

I might need a new computer though! Oh, Santa Baby!!!!


Sandy said...

Nooooooo don't do it!! Computers don't get you all nice and inky!!!!!!!!! And I'm a designer on computers all day too---I just CRAVE getting home to play with paper!!!

But I have to admit, your LO is darned cute....!!!!!

*karendianne. said...

Oh I love it! Keep making some so we can see more. Does it take longer than the other way?

And I dig the online classes, too. I've taken a few myself.

Always learning Love, *karendianne.