Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oooh Baby Baby, Bu Bu Bu Baby!

Baby Shower Invite

I have the honor of co-hosting a baby shower for my wonderful friend, Rebecca, who lives in Tempe, AZ! This is the cover of the invitations that I am 'cranking out'! ... The inside text is in a pink font- since her baby to be, Isabella Maria, is a little girl! I am so excited for her! It is sure to be a Princess celebration! (hint hint!)... Rebecca is one of those gals who is a 'modern' or 'trendy' mommy to be.. I am sure she looks exactly like this Bella image! It is so her!!!! When she, Lisa and I used to pal around in our career days with the USDA NRCS (OK they still are on the career track) we all had titles of distinction... Rebecca's was 'Princess'.. Ya know, I forget mine! Needless to say, we had lots of fun adventures... I am so looking forward to this baby shower!

Supplies: Prego Bella; Stamping Up sentiment stamp; rubons for 'Oh Baby', Basic Grey Perhaps patterned paper; Stamping Up Organdy ribbon, and stamping up markers.


Debra Day said...

That is so sweet! How cool that you find time to make all these things. You must be one heck of an organized woman!! Hat's off to ya.

*karendianne. said...

Oh and I so want to know what a USDA NRCS is!!!!

The card is great. You inspire me. Hey, does this mean you get to take a trip to Arizona soon?

Showered with Love, *karendianne.

Kerilou said...

This is perfect!! Those stamps are really growing on how you used the round tab punch. I love that thing! Keri