Thursday, March 6, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I was recently tagged by Ginny, over at her Small Studio Productions blog. Ginny is the author of one of my favorite blogs for inspiration and good reads. I like her stories... I like her art. I like her store! She has some hot vintage ribbons, images, and stuff... Go visit her..

Now, I have to share a secret... I'm not 'fond' of being tagged.. I rank it up there with those inspirational emails you have to forward to 10 girlfriends to get a miracle in your life.., as well as blogger awards that you have to award to 5 other friends. I feel like I am imposing on people.. interrupting their lives and putting demands on their time.. BUT, I have to admit, I LOVE reading the answers when other people get tagged! So, along the 'gotta play to win' motto of the lotto, I am fulfilling the tag requirements/obligations...

Here are the rules: (They are simple):
  1. Link to the person that tagged you
  2. Post the rules on your blog
  3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
  4. tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
  5. let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their site..
OK.. Here are my 6 non-important thingies:
  1. Habit: I get up real early.. anywhere after 3:30 am. I am a morning person. I LOVE starting my day with the house all to myself - even if it is just for 20 minutes.. or is this a quirk?
  2. Habit: I am actually breaking a few! I have not had a cup of Joe since February 1st. And, I consider myself a coffee achiever.
  3. Habit: I love a little napster after lunch! Even better if the sun is shining. I think I was a cat in a previous life.
  4. Habit: I LOVE to read in bed before falling asleep. Sometimes I fall asleep reading!
  5. I am not a cold weather person, yet I am living in a place where winter seems to be 6 months out of the year at 3,500 feet. I love the sun on me, on my skin, on my face. My ideal temp is 80 degrees outside.
  6. I love to go for walks alone. It is a total ZEN time for me. It's my time to be with God.
Now, here are the 'lucky' blogster girls that I am going to tag. I'll tell you why, too!
  1. My Cousin Deb. The Kitchen Bitch. She is attending chef school in SF and she just cracks me up with her perspective on life. She gives me hope for 2nd chances and following your dreams. Love her.
  2. My Cousin Karen. Living Life At LeeHaven. She is an amazing writer! She is also an amazing quilter, and dog trainer, and avid reader. She is also my reality check when it comes to health issues. Karen has MS and does more stuff than most people I know who have NO REASON to complain!
  3. Sue over at Wandering Star. I love her music! Each month she mixes it up. I also love her writings, photos and travels. She has a good eye.
  4. Kari, over at A Country Life. Kari and I share parallel lives on different sides of this continent! I love reading her stories and seeing her art.
  5. Stacy, at Stacy's Memory Triggers. Stacy makes great cards! I love her designs. She also lives in Oregon and I can commensurate with some of the trials and tribulations she has having to travel for heath care or shopping! She's also a country girl.
  6. Lisa at The tattered Tiara. First, any gal that wears a tiara has my vote! I love Lisa's quotes under her header. Always great for a laugh! She also had an awesome Christmas tree (funky, baby) and I admire a gal that just does what she loves. Right now she is doing a 21 day challenge journal. Check it out.
I'm letting Dawn and Sandy off the hook! We get to tagging each other so much we run circles around each other!!

OK! I think that's a wrap! Off to break the good news to these gals.


Lisa Renéa said...

Oh my stars, Andi! Your sense of humor is always cracking me up. I'll give this a shot as soon as I get an extra minute. Your just too cute.

Sandy said...

Whew, I think you and I have the same thoughts when tagged...and I've been hoping that letting you off the hook didn't make you feel unloved! Thanks for saving me. :)

And by the way...I think I was a cat too!

PS Didn't I ever send you the peach header? Maybe I only did that during a catnap...

Sue McGettigan said...

Fun facts Andi! I'll have to come up with some now that you've tagged me :) You made me smile when you mention those 'must forward' emails - they drive me crazy!

Do you think your need for cat-naps might have anything to do with getting up at 3:30am? You put the rest of us to shame!

Dawn said...

Oh, What, am I not tag worthy!!! lol, Thanks pa!! you crack me up. Maybee if I start getting up I will find you here! I miss our chats.