Monday, April 14, 2008

Bo Bunny Travel Book - Part II

More Photos from The Travel Book
(see previous post for more info!)


ScrappyPam said...

What a great album! And good for you! How exciting - your "first" scrappy job!! Congrats!

*karendianne. said...

This is an amazing piece of artwork, Andi. All the work you put into it, all the hours of work - your passion and joy is fully reflected here. Its neat how you crafted this. I CANNOT IMAGE!!!

I would say I'm blown away by your creativity but you just oooze that out in everything you do so I'll leave that alone... ;)

Creative Adventurer Love, *karendianne. (Grammer Nazi has me freaked out - I had to look up that last word)

Dawn said...

WOW, Andi, It looks really great!! I bet the store owner is gonna LOVE iT!!

noble pig said...

Wow, it's really a beautiful album that will cherished by anyone who looks at it. The effort of scrapbooking is so worth it.

Sylvie :) said...

Wow !! it's a wonderful album !! love it !