Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Birthday Recap - Sugar Overload!

My Ever So Decadent Gift Basket
Dick, Sami and Jake all came out wearing party hats! How fun is that? I was given one as well. See those chocolate truffles? Dick & I buy these for each other for our special days. Yummy.
That bottle of wine? 'CSM' - from Gillstrap Brothers in Cove, Oregon.

Wine Test. My Cooking wine is the one farthest on the left.
The rest tasted like vinegar.
Cathy of the Noble Pig is probably cringing right now!

My Birthday Cake Candles!
Notice those itty bitty pink stubs? Jake was in charge of pyrotechnics. Why his father leaves him alone with matches is beyond me! I know those candles were full! (Note to Self: Need to purchase 7,8,9,and 0 big numbers.. We stopped at 6!)

The birthday recap.
My family is just too darn funny... My DH 'left' about 2pm to go to town and run errands... He did not return until 6pm. However, he did take the grocery list - and since he only does this perhaps twice a year, I felt 'lucky'. Translation: No trip to town for me! Yeah! Saves an hour just in driving time!

So, after a day of feeding the bummer lambs every four hours, some housework, then dealing with the kids homework, I turned to making dinner... just another day in paradise.

We had 'highly processed white starchy carbohydrates' - the kids favorite! AKA, spaghetti made with lamb garlic/rosemary sausage... YUM! I also cooked with wine - since it was a special occasion. One glass of Burgundy. When I was almost to the bottom of my glass, my DH brought out two more bottles of wine for a taste test. When in Rome...

And, I made a garlic/butter/fresh Italian parsley/Motzerrella Cheese/roma tomato covered French Bread. Another family favorite!

That's as far as I got - no salad, no greens, no veggies! The noodles had to sit in water for 'a while' because the kids were having trouble with 'their turn' at feeding the baby lambs and needing some assistance ... After a good lecture of 'these are not my pets, they are yours' along with 'the bottle has to be warm for the babies to take it', followed by 'you have to change the paper in the box - let me repeat - these are not my pets!' - I just about had enough.

Then, we ate. Then I cleaned up. And, then I was just ready to retire..at 7:30pm. I went to brush my teeth and 'the trail boss' stopped me in my tracks. He said 'we need you back out in the living room'. And then, my sweet little family got busy. Sami ran upstairs. Jake was busy in the laundry room. Dick was in his office. These guys are funny!

So, the post dinner celebration included a beautiful gift basket, a gorgeous home made card (made by Sami), a Beautiful Bottle of wine for another day, a German Chocolate Cake, and Ice Cream, and Lit Candles (Jake the fire starter got this job)! Oh. My DH does not like coconut. He, does not know that German Chocolate Cake EQUALS coconut! But it wasn't his birthday, now was it? See? The Snack Gods were definitely working in my favor. My favorite cookies are macaroons but they have not made an appearance in years!

And I lucky?


It just doesn't get better...

Except for the midnight 'bolt' awake and being wide awake for three hours from my sugar induced bloodstream.. Ya know, a gal can get alot of 'processing done' when she justs lies down and thinks! So I made my to do list.

oh man.. wine, carbs, and sugar...Good thing this only comes once a year!


Lisa Carroll said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Andi! Looks like you had a great day. :)

How funny - my husband hates coconut, too. LOL but I don't! I looooove German chocolate cake! Yum. :)

ScrappyPam said...

What a wonderful birthday! Good for you!!

Dawn said...

Your day sounds perfect. Glad your BD was a good one!!

*karendianne. said...

You look beautiful! What neat gifts you hand and Andi, Sami made you a neat card, too. SOOOOO sweet. I love how the trail boss handled you right there at the end, too.

Double entendre Love, *karendianne.

karen from MI said...

You look BEAUTIFUL, Andi! I love how you post your photos, too. What a nice re-cap of your Special Day--almost feel like I was there celebrating, too.

Now I'm going to go to today's blog! It looks like a fun day on the ranch---and I'm learning some things I never knew before.

Sandy said...

What an AWEsome day!

Lisa Renéa said...

Ok Andi! I hope your birthday was as much fun as it sounds. No kidding I started with the bummer lambs, oh SO CUTE! and ended with the b'day saga...laughing & crying at the same time! Your posts are excellent! (maybe you should write a book??) btw-Your Gorgeous, girlie!!! happy late birthday! oh..i celebrate the month..maybe you can too!