Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Critters! The Bummer Lambs Go Exploring

Jake Feeding Timmy
A bummer lamb is a lamb that gets separated from its mom, or it's mom rejects it.
The kids 'love' having bummer lambs. What they really love, is the 'idea' of having a lamb, not necessarily all the bells and whistles of taking care of one! I guess that's what moms are for! (Come to think of it, I know some mom's who aren't very good at bells and whistles either.)

Timmy & Layla - Their Big Day Out!
These guys are a hoot! They had a blast running amok. Lambs are fun to watch when they 'run'. It's more like jump hop run, jump hop run, jump hop run.

Lambs Meet Dog
I had to tie Lefty up. He was getting a little too curious!

No Likey Dog!
Oh, but Lefty would like some lamb! Isn't that right, Pal?
Lefty got into trouble this morning. He was left untied all night and he tore the seat up on Dick's Quad. Bad Dog.

If it's not one thing running loose in the yard it's another!
The chickens are free, too. They are in heaven now that they can poke around in the grass and around the trees (without being harassed by the puppies).

Today I let the bummer lambs out for 3 hours. They are allowed out when it is 60 degrees and above. Big day for them. They reside in a box in the laundry room and have escaped a few times... As a matter of fact, we left the door open last night, and we were too loud during dinner, and they decided they needed to join us! Two lambs came running into the great room... Gads. Yuck. Livestock on the carpet!

They are now back in the box. They had their 2:30 pm feeding, and are taking a nap. Soon the kids will be home and we will do our 'routine'. Homework, chores, dinner, lamb feeding, bedtime.

That's our life!

I did get 2 hours of mowing in today. That would be the North side of the house. I do the yard in sections, otherwise I want to scream bloody murder at the massive amount of lawn the previous owner thought was 'delightful' to have! I am in no hurry to water it either. As long as it is green, I am fine. No need to go for record heights and all that.

This is the brighter side of a late Spring!


Dawn said...

Sooo, that is what a bummer lamb is. Did the mommy reject them?? and if so why do they do that??

Your one busy mama, You deserve a break.

*karendianne. said...

Right away you get with cracking up. OMG thank you for that!

These babies are the neastest thing. I'm bummed to hear my dog, Lefty, couldn't be around the bummer lambs because he was a interested. Gosh Andi, this is all so neat and you crack me UP with the livestock in the house.

What a neat, fun post.

Lefty fan club Love, *karendianne w/o the bells and whistles.

karen from MI said...

So glad I know what a "bummer" is! They sure are CUTE! I don't want to ask what happens to them when they grow up....

You have got the neatest blog, Andi! I love your pictures and it's great to see what life is like on the ranch. Your kids are DARLING and sounds like they really get involved with "their" pet! Kind of like our (my!) bunny, Cupcake. My husband found him about 10 years ago, wanted us to keep him and isn't it funny that I'm the only one who knows how to feed him, take him to the vet,and change his cage!! I just LOVE Cupcake and wouldn't ever change things. Poor thing is blind and very old with arthritis, but he still gets around.

You're probably getting supper ready and we're all getting ready to end our day :) Hope yours was a good one. TTYL Love, Karen

Sandy said...

CUTIE PIES! Now PLEASE tell me no one will eat these babies,PLEASE!!

SentimentsbyDenise said...

Life looks fun in your neck of the woods!
Love those baby lambs - so cute!


noble pig said...

OMG, they are so cute! I hate the fact there called bummer lambs. Just sweet pictures.

❦TattingChic said...

Those little bummer lambs are so lucky to have you for a "mama" and your kids, too. That was a cute story, thanks for sharing.