Friday, May 16, 2008

Blink! Time is Flying! And, 8,000!

Oh boy.. The 'sun' has finally arrived (gonna hit 88 today) and therefore, our lives seem to be running on 'E' for excitement, F' for Fast and 'C' for Crazy!!!! Once that sun heats things up, stuff grows fast out here on the ranch and we chase grass with the livestock (to eat it), and water (to grow more!) or the lawn mower (to tame it!)... So, we are all in a tither, a fluster and a bit punchy from long days! I told you May was crazy!

OH! And we have tons of lambs being born!!! Lots of babies! At dusk night you can here babies and mamas 'talking' to get paired up for the night, frogs, barking dogs, the occasional rooster, and now that the moon is getting full - all sorts of late night chatter! Yep. It's a circus out there!

Here's a quick line up of What's Happening At the Ranch!

  1. This morning after chores I pulled weeds for 1/2 hour.. All before 7:30 am! Can you tell? Heck no!
  2. The kids had their Spring Program last night at school. Super Cuteness! (photos later)
  3. I have a Market this afternoon/tonight (Pendleton). Leave at 12:30 pm
  4. I have another Market tomorrow (La Grande)
  5. Jake's Birthday is tomorrow - he is turning 9! Stressing with this one.. I ordered his gifts 'next day' on Tuesday... It's now Friday and they sure haven't arrived 'next day'! Give George Lucas a big kick for me, will you????? I did the Indiana Jones Legos..He's messing with my plans...
  6. Sami is debuting her face painting business at tomorrow's market - which means mommy has to get 'her' organized. (Note: Take photos! - For Later!)
  7. Jake's party is Sunday - Uh, I am so not ready. But I did get the invites done! 10 kids.
  8. I am hosting a treasure hunt 'Raiders of the Lost Lego's - and need to devise a hunt! ACK! I'm thinking that I'll put the little varmints in teams, have the teams go out, and the first team back with the loot, divvies up the loot.. Just like real treasure hunters! ... And they can duke it out, right? OK, Probably not a good idea... Tears would get involved. But my treasure hunting mommy side thinks it would be fun!!! Probably need to think this one out better.... (Photos Later!)
  9. The chicks got moved out of the garage, outside along with their chicky house - I'm watching those three cats who are watching those chicks.. (photos later)
  10. The lambs that were in the laundry room are now in a nice big ol box in the garage! Hurray! I've got my laundry room back!!!!! (photos later!)
And that is just the short list.

And, now for a big commercial announcement:

My dear ever so faithful friendly readers! My next post will be my 200th - and 'somehow' my reader hits passed 8,000 recently! I was watching it earlier this week and it was close, now we are at 8,100! So, with that, I will be posting a fun giveaway - next week... along with all the photos... OK? So I guess that was just a tease!!

Sorry.. But gotta run!
Thanks for reading and enjoying the days with me!


Dawn said...

How could it be that warm when a few days ago it was, when you get warm, you get warm fast. I need a nap after reading your to do list...Yikes, your one busy mama....Can't wait to see the pics. I think you should do groups for the game and give them all thier own treasure to team green team etc...

*karendianne. said...

My fav... dusk you can hear mama's and babies talking to get paired up.


Take me away with Love, *karendianne.

PS: Huge congrats on the number of posts - Wow - and the hits, too! Really psyched about Sami's face painting business. Happy Birthday to the Big Man.

noble pig said...

Number 200! Yahoo, how exciting! That's a heck of a lot of words.

Need more baby lamb photos soon!

Sandy said...

Awesome, Andi---I'm so glad you're getting warm weather too! It's in the 80s here too and FABULOUS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just love that picture of Jake bottle feeding the bummer lamb. Too adorable.

I want to live at your house!

Happy Birthday to Jake.

Love, Aunt Alice.

Debra Day said...

Somehow it all gets done, doesn't it. Still, your schedule is keeling me beeg thyme! I'm glad your weather improved. A treasure hunt is a fun project to keep the boys happy. A bag of hidden pennies is a great find for them. Did you make a map? I wish I was there to help! Its 9:30am here and I'll be you've completed a ton of chores and I'm just rising. I feel guilty. (catholic upbringing) Have a wad of fun playing with your weekend. You get my vote as mom of the year. Again.

karen from MI said...

My, oh my! I do lead a SIMPLE life!! Yes, you are going out for MOTHER OF THE YEAR...and with ease and grace!! You have my vote, ten fold, Andi :)

Huge hugs to Jake on his 9th Birthday--it's a big one (last single digit Birthday!). And big hugs to you for making it extra-special for him! Sami is sure to WOW the crowd with her face painting--couldn't she just,"STAMP" her artwork??

Life on the ranch sounds so FUN...glad to be able to be a "part" of're AMAZING!