Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Day of School! Hello Summer Vacation!

Waiting to go back for lunch!
Notice the snow on the mountains and the overcast sky?
This my friends is our Spring!

School of Fish
Each of the kids painted a fish and they were all hung up yesterday.
The colors are so vibrant and awesome! LOVE them!
Let's just hope the creepy 'bad' town kids don't vandalize them.

Sack Races - Sami is the one in the Hawaiian dress, hopping
See that wooden playground structure?
Our PTCO hopes to raise about $25,000 to replace it with a newer
up to code unit (The work never ends!).

Jake, on the Left - He won this race by a mile!
Nevermind that this boy had a nasty cold. He did not want to miss the last day, like last year! So, off to school he went. On the way home both the kids fell asleep in the car. We all took naps from our super fun busy last day of school!

Sami and Her 4th Grade Buddies
Sami flashing a peace sign - on the left
And that's my BFF - Michelle!
I do believe this is the entire class - plus one 3rd grader!

Hula Hoop Girl
Isn't she just the cutest?

Yesterday was the last day of school for my two kidlets! Hard to believe Sami will be in 5th grade next year, and Jake in 4th! Man, they grow fast! Our rainy nasty weather held for one day yesterday.. We were very lucky.. the sun even came out once or twice!

Our last day theme was a Luau with lots of fun outdoor games. The kids got to wear their real Hawaii clothes (from our 10 year anniversary trip - in '05)!. I'm afraid the clothes are going to have to be 'shelved' now... too small. I need to make something out of them. I refuse to give them up! Jake had a great suggestion - that we all go back to Hawaii! To get more clothes. I tell ya, with the way our winter and spring have been, I am game!

At the awards ceremony I was given a bouquet of flowers and very generous gift certificate to BELLA (our gourmet food and wine store) for my three years service as the PTCO President. This was my last year - I'll still be an active mom and attend the meetings, but we need new leadership and blood! Sami only has 2 more years and Jake 3, and it's time to pass the baton! I also got a beautiful hanging basket full of flowers from my kids teacher! Those of us that volunteer on a regular basis in her room were awarded this lovely gift.

So now we are officially on Summer Vacation! And yes, it is 'we'. When my kids are in school I feel I am in school also - since I help at the school, get the kids up, work with them on homework, and am at every event possible!

I love the summer! We are so relaxed about waking up, eating breakfast, and our approach to the day..Even though the kids have to wake up at 5:35 am to feed the lambs, it's still feels like we have officially started our vacation. After this morning's feeding Jake went back to bed and slept until 8 am.

The challenge will be to make sure we do something fun each week - instead of just our chores and ranch work, I need to make sure the kids still get to see their friends and explore other areas around us! That's the hard part of being on a ranch far from friends. So Wednesday's are going to be our vacation days... Next week we are having a slumber party! Woo Hoo!


Lauren said...

Cute... particularly like the shcool of fish and the sack race!

noble pig said...

We have one more week of school here! Can't wait...all your pics make me can't wait!

Penny said...

Don't you finish school early! Here children are at school until the middle of July until very early September. Sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun!

Dawn said...

I can not get over how grown up she looks. WOW, what a looker you have. I can't get over it. She went from little girl to young girl over night! Jakey pooh, is getting to be very handsome. WOW, your kids are super.

Debra Day said...

Andi, I had to do a double take on the hoola hoop girl. I was sure it was YOU when you were Sami's age! The resemblance is uncanny. All the photos look like fun. What a small class. Great teacher to student ratio. Gotta love the country life. Looks so pastoral. I wish, I wish...

*karendianne. said...

I love the fish! So neat. I love the fact that y'all raised the funds for the upgrades on the school equipment. I love Jake in the sack race and Sami does look like YOU but as a kid I wouldn't know. ...I'd have to definitely defer to Debra on that one since I probably wasn't even born yet! Well, maybe...

Anyway, this is a wonderful share. I love your plans for summer vacation, too.

Creating Balance with Love, *karendianne.

Julie said...

thanks for popping by my blog andi. love all the end of school day pics.

Sue McGettigan said...

Woo hoo!! School's out for-evah! OK, just for summer, but that's good enough. We finish up this week, can't wait! Happy Summer to all of you :)

Kerilou said...

Happy Summer vacation!! We have a few more weeks to go, here. Cody is done Monday, but the elementary and therefore my work, goes for another 3 weeks. Hope you all have a good vacation. Nothing like growing up on a farm in the summer time!