Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Date Night - A Recap

Mr. Sexton toasting with the featured local wine - Gillstrap Brothers
Red, of course! There were three reds, one a blend, a Merlot, and a Cab.
I went with the Merlot. We came home with 2 bottles!
Gillstrap Brothers is the wine that Mr. Sexton bought for my birthday.
Very tasty..

The Band - Summit Ridge (Blue Grass)
This band is hot! Oh what a great night -
outdoor dining, and listening to these guys play for 2 hours!

Saturday we had a date! One of those rare 'go out' evenings, without the kids, although somewhat work related, we called it a date anyway. Afterall, we ate, drank and caught some great music. A beautiful evening!

It all started with a little restaurant that was featuring our meat, for an outdoor event and promoting eating locally raised foods. The entire menu was comprised of local foods. We got the call on Tuesday from one of the band members, who then gave us to the restaurant. Yes, you heard that right, Tuesday before the event! Guts, I tell you...

Well, once a month, the owner of Hwy 30 (a little diner) features a dinner and band. The band picks the food. This band, which I just happen to LOVE because they play fairly often at the La Grande Farmers Market, picked 'us', as in Sexton Ranches Natural Lamb and Beef, to be the featured main course.

So, we worked out a few details - wheeling and dealing. And, as you can see, we even made it to the event! Hopefully they will get the kinks worked out in their even planning. It was a delightful evening, great menu, but oh so few people in attendance!

More for us!


Dawn said...

Yummy,food, great music, sounds, like a great "date". Glad you had fun!!

ScrappyPam said...

Looks like fun! And now I'm hungry - send the bratwurst this way!!!

noble pig said...

Oh date night...I think I remember that.

*karendianne. said...

This is fantastic and its making me hungry!!!

I'm happy to hear you and Mr. Sexton had some time out on the town. Business counts.

Market Wrap Love, *karendiannne

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Andi, you have such a different life from this city girl -- it's really fascinating reading.
Sounds like a terrifc nite out!

Sweet Blessings said...

Hello there farmer's market compadre :D I'm glad your "cowman took you on a date"...even if it was "cowgirls" have to take what we can get ! How exciting too that your meat was the speciality of the evening! I hope your boss gives you a raise for all that hard-work promoting it!!! See you next Friday! Sweet blessings! Tammy (you know of Pat-n-Tam's :D)

Sandy said...

Your date sounds fantastic! Gimme a Sexton burger, I'm hankerin for some local meat! :)