Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some Photos From the 4th of July

The Start of the Haines Parade
This carriage was for the Grand Marshall. As you can see, there is a photo of our friend, Ron Perkins at the back of the carriage. Ron did not make the carriage ride. Ron died of cancer, the Monday before July 4th. His funeral was July 5th, which the kids and I attended. Not a dry eye at the parade my friends, not a dry eye.

Oh.. And that wagon atop the restaurant? Eye Sore!
THAT is our 'world famous' Haines Steakhouse, which for some reason the owners have not figured out that 'Curb Appeal' adds to the meal!
Come on guys, fix the dern wagon cover! For Pete's Sake!
Yer makin' us all look bad!

Kids waiting for the candy toss!
Small town goodness. We still throw candy.
Even though we shouldn't. So they say.
This is Sami and her husband to be
(sshhh! neither of them know it yet) Morgan, my BFF's son, one of the twins!
And this really is our town! Not a fake backdrop folks.
The real small town America.
Only 4 open businesses - 2 bars/restaurants, 1 post-office, 1 general store.
And the 'bad kids' alternative school. Bused in from the City.
Thank you very much.
(Don't get me started on THAT soapbox!)

Typical Parade Stuff - Awesome Old Tractors and Horse Apples
I do love the old tractors though!
I see in my camera I took about 15 photos of them!

Sigh. What's a mother to do?
Jake likes this kid. But this kid is so darn mouthy, and sneaky,
and all those things you hate to see your own kid mimmick..

My 4th Decor!
Whirlin' Whirly Gigs out by the mailbox.
Remember we had a few storms?
As in HUGE rockin' Thunder Bumper Storm and hail on the 4th?
My Whirly Gigs were found blown out and by the ditch.
Must have been a great whirly gigin' show!
I have a red pail with flags at the front door, which one of the lambs
decided was super tasty.

So there you have it. I Thought I would share a few snaps from the 4th O'July Parade. I still have to load the pool side ones from my camera!

Now, I am actually going to see if I can post this at a future date! I'm trying to save stuff for later the week. Today is Sunday the 13th and I'm going to attempt to have this publish on the 15th. Fingers crossed!


noble pig said...

Looks like fun was had by all...I love it! And I really love the whirly gigs!

Jenn Biederman said...

Hey Andi!! Good stuff! We also have a small town parade on the 4th...tractors & horses included (gotta love it!). Great job on publishing this ahead of time...sounds like a great idea!


*karendianne. said...

Looks like the future date worked. I love the reflection on the REAL small town america. Very cool Andi. And umm, you cracked me up with the commentary on the start of the RANT. Way to hold back but I really love it when you go off!!!

Bussed in Love, *karendianne.

Jacqueline said...

This all looks so 'American'!! I was at my brother's house in Holland, Michigan (about 30 years ago) and I remember the tulip day parade - looked alot like this, but without the tractors.

Sandy said...

I LOVE a small town parade! I lived in a small town in Montana for years, and it was so much fun. Everyone came out for the parades, and yes, we still had the candy toss there too. :)