Sunday, July 27, 2008

Horse Back Confessions

I am not a cowgirl.

Meaning, my horse riding skills are very limited and I just don't ride. I did take lessons for a while, and loved it, but once I married my rancher husband, things changed...

It might have been his approach (nod head, 'yes, I have one of those too'). He's a 'just do it' kind of guy. Here's an example. 'Andi, just go out there and rope that calf and bring it back', said my husband. So, off I went. Never having roped. And I am a lefty. Which means my rope doesn't twist the way you righty's twist your ropes. The horse and I danced around for a while. Me swingin' the rope, the calf moving, the horse and I trying to get that calf.

I did not get the calf. I did get a sassy look from my husband. And a remark about 'what were you doing and where the heck is the calf?' No lessons. No help. However, I did adopt a personal snit fit attitude, marked with a 'that's the last time I ride with him' - huff. And it was. And it that was probably, oh, 9 or so years ago!

My husband does not get on a horse to just ride and enjoy the scenery, like I used to do. He's not the kind to say 'hey baby, wanna go check out the sunset on horseback?'
Nope. Horses are tools. You ride them when you need them and thats mainly to work cattle, or move cattle. They are not pets. You don't kiss them or whisper sweet nothings in their ears. (Hmmmm...make note to self)

Today the kids and my husband are going riding. I always get knots in my stomach when they do this.


The horses have not been ridden at all - all year.
They buck when they are like this
My kids are not experts
My husband doesn't care
My husband will tell them 'just do it'.

And it's my fault. My husband the horse expert says so. I should be teaching the kids to ride all summer. Me, the not so horse expert, the city girl.

Oh say a little prayer...

Last year I watched my son bounce off the back of Blackie.. The pony. My son who went 'backwards' smacked on the back of the horse then landed on the ground. Thank God in one piece and no injuries.... My son who does not pay attention or listen or watch out.

I sure hope my husband does.

Last year I had to come into the house when I saw them riding... They were coming home from the field and I was going to take photos of the romantic scene of the three of them, riding side by side.. beautiful. Then all hell broke loose. My son started screaming, he lost a reign, and a stirrup, and the pony took off with him. My husband chasing them. I could not watch. I came in and just prayed...

Lord, please hear my prayer.


Dawn said...

Now I am starting to have a panic attack!!

Sandy said...

Come back and report!! How did everyone fare??

Ethel Amutan said...

Goodness, Andi! Is he OK? Jeepers, let us know!!

Jacqueline said...

I LOVE Dawn's comment - it's not easy being a wife and mom - but you are a great one!

noble pig said...

Okay, fingers crossed...but since I'm a day late here I think I missed it.

Sweet Blessings said...

I so hear you about the horses...although even though I don't ride...they are definitely my pets! I'll be praying it all went well yesterday...and that one day you all get to saddle up and just go for a fun ride...hey, maybe it'll even happen this Summer! Sweet blessings!

liannallama said...

ohmigoodness! What an interesting adventure you must have every day! Good luck with the horse thing!

Anne said...

Amen, sister!

Kerilou said...

Yeah, my DH has grand expectations for me too. A couple weeks ago it was that I should hold a 4x8 sheet of plywood over my head while on a ladder all the while supporting it with my head, while we slid it in a "groove" and he nailed it up...yeah...right....Kerilou