Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Horse Riding Update(s)

On the Left is Sami with Doc, on the Right is Toby with Ernest
Toby is actually my horse. But he does not like women.
I found out the hard way.
Dick rides him now.

Sami & Doc
Doc is awesome. I love this horse. And he smells so good!
Love horse musk.

Jake & Blackie
Blackie is the kid's pony.
He was a Christmas present many years ago!
I'll have to find that photo. The kids are really small on him!

Dogs, Horses, Crew
Ernest, the dog on the right, is actually retired (he sleeps a lot).
Ernest loves to go with the horses! He was 'on it'.
He got off his retired dog rear and would not take no for
an answer. He went with the crew and worked.

How I work my Anxiety
Pit by pit. Cherry pie.
OH! And I did buy a cherry pitter!
I still think there must be an easier way!!!

OK.. the Horse Back Riding/Working Recap:

So... the kids and Dick started on Sunday about 10:30 am getting the horses ready.. For some reason they still were not ready by noon, so they 'undid' the gear, tied up the horses under trees, ate lunch, napped, then, started over at about 2:30 pm.

I did notice that during the morning process there was a whole lot of prep work going on. Horse trimming, practice riding, learning to saddle up, etc... Basically a whole lot more work than was probably anticipated by you know who...

So.... when the crew went back out, saddled up again, and took off down the road in the horse trailer, I worked out my frustrations... I made a pie. Cherry pie.. all from scratch, which is my way...

Everyone came back safe and sound at 4:30pm. A quick trip I thought. They all settled in at the table to warm pie, ice cream and lemonade. Then, we talked.

Dick was mad. The kids held there heads down for a bit, but they did tell me later (after Dick left) that they did like being with the horses. Thank Goodness... Dick had shared that nothing went right. They were supposed to be sorting cattle, in a field, meaning, cutting out about 5 steers from the rest of the bunch and it just was not working. Hello. I know experienced adult riders that can not do this. Horse experience is one thing, cattle experience another. Two opportunities for learning here. But what do I know. I am a city girl.

So, Dick informed me that 'we have a new rule'. The rule is the kids can not play on computers or watch TV (without us) unless they have worked with the horses for at least an hour.

Guess what? Yesterday, Jake wanted to ride at 8 am. Woah! I am so glad the kids are NOT harmed by their experience (I obviously have the thinnest skin in this outfit). However, I did inform the kids they can not just go out and grab a horse and play (which Dick said was just fine). I told them all of there other chores must be done, and second I have to be with them. No questions asked.

So, about 3:30 pm yesterday I helped them get the horses again, and ride. They rode bareback and boy, do they have lots to learn. Neither one could put the bridle on. And 'brushing' was a half-a**ed task for Jake. He missed lots of dirt!

It seems I do know a thing or two and can help teach the kids. And, I will be with the horses - more than I thought.

Which really, is not a bad thing. I want the kids to learn, in a safe environment, and have fun.

And, I might just attempt to ride Toby before it's all said and done. Toby is my horse. And who I have not 'spoken with' since the time he reared up behind me and smacked me in the back with his front right hoof and left a big nasty bruise.

And that, my friends is one reason I don't ride and a story I will save for later.


noble pig said...

That's so great! Glad you are all enjoying yourselves. I miss my horse...sometimes.

Sweet Blessings said...

Hello there....I must say...you are a "Cow" girl :D Anyone in my book that takes care of cows & horses in any form has earned the right to wear the title "Cowgirl" :D I just love reading your posts...it makes me feel so NOT alone in the life we've been blessed with! (Although, I have to confess...I don't even know the first thing about making a cherry pie from scratch..and I think I'll keep it that way! :D)
Hope you and the kids have a great time riding, soaking in the horse essence (I so love it too!) and creating your own adventures! Sweet blessings!

Sweet Blessings said...

P.S. Were those Powder River gates in the background??? Pat would be soooo happy!

kelly Booth said...

Love seeing your photos of the ranch....reminds me of my childhood! the cherry pie looked yummy too!

Dawn said...

That pie looooks sooooo yummy. Did you save me a piece? (I am glad the kids are safe & sound)

Debra Day said...

Oh how I miss having horses, riding horses and YES, the smell of them - One of my favorite scents. I'm glad you're teaching them since it seems You-Know-Who didn't seem to have been born with teaching patience. Running a ranch is hard and hard work but you'll always have a ranch. The "kids" will grow and move on...It really should be fun yet safe. I'm green. I wish I could be there with ya'll (that how youse says it?) LOL

stampersuzz said...

Glad to hear the kids made it back safe and sound!

Arlene said...

It's beautiful out there - I'd be the one who says "let's enjoy it" and ride off into the sunset... grins.

Could you take some lessons? After all, you can still claim "city gal" status, can't you?

Anonymous said...

As the song goes, RIDE, SALLY, RIDE.


Lisa Renéa said...

Andi--what a yummy looking pie! Great photos, too. Horses are such regal, gorgeous creatures.

Vintage Papers said...

oh how awesome! beautiful horses and countryside...how blessed you are! My mouth is now watering after seeing that cherry pie!

Sandy said...

Wowsers, Ranch Mama! You go girl, don't sell yourself short. You do know a thing or two about horses. Maybe not the 45 that dh does, but, you know enough to help those kiddos! I hope you get reacquainted with Toby! :)

Ethel Amutan said...

Andi...I am afraid of Dick. LOLOLOLOL! You narrate things so well, I could almost smell the dirt in the kids' hair; and see the steam coming out of your ears. LOLOLOL! Once the kids get the hang of it all, they're going to be able to ride, groom, and herd the cattle in their sleep. Keep up the great work, mom! Your pie looks delish, also. I hope it was g-o-o-o-o-d!

clhenry99 said...

wow! Look how big Sam is! Claire was just saying how she wanted to write to her pen pal today. I will need to get your addy again so we can send something off to her. Your horses are gorgeous.

Kerilou said...

The kids won't remember the hardship, they will remember the good times and how they learned to care for the horses. It is so valuable to learn responsibility!