Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Visitors - On the Grand Scale

The Grands
Seated: Hank Sexton and Jake Sexton
Standing: Dick, Sami and Georgia Sexton
(the outlaw is taking the photos.. )

The Backyard Dining Room
Thursday Night. Ah..

Sami and Grandma Georgia
Searching for Sami's Goat, Betty

Sami - With One of the Latest Puppies!
Yep. Here we go again!


OK.. So last Monday, on the day of Cycle Oregon, I got a call on my cell phone while out at 'the sight'...

Me: Hello?

Caller: Hi Andi, It's Sherry! (my sister-in-law )

Me: Hi Sherry! (Surprised. She only calls about 3 times a year)

Sherry: So Mom and Dad are here and wanted to know if they could come visit you guys?

Me: Sure! When?

Sherry: Oh, they are thinking of heading your way tomorrow!

Me: Sure! Sounds great! Can you have them call Dick tonight? It's kind of hectic right now, I'm helping our school by feeding 2,300 cyclists!

Sherry: OH! Ok!


So... my in-laws came on Wednesday (instead of Tuesday). Dick informed me that they were coming and he had talked with them. They stayed until Friday morning.. Their arrival was perfect, I got to clean house (oh boy) and mow the lawn just before they arrived. Yet, the visit was very brief and fast. I would have liked to get more mileage out of the clean bedrooms, bathrooms, dusting and mowing! (Yes, I am being snarky)...

Wednesday they arrived at 3pm... and I took my mother-in-law with me to get the kids from school, and then to the soccer game that the kids won! It was very exciting. The Men folk stayed home and drank. Two peas in a pod I might add. (That is another story)... Then it was dinner, and bed.

Thursday night my husband (the SON of the two visiting guests) LEFT. ALL DAY. The in-laws also left on an adventure.. which was fine..I was stressing anyway. That night was our dinner outdoors.. Always a treat.

But, Friday morning they left.. pooh.

Now, why would they leave on the only day that the kids are at home? A relaxing day? The kids don't have school on Fridays... And, to top it off, they split while Sami was out in the field feeding Jessie... They did not wait...she did not get to say goodbye and she was upset. I don't get it.

There are of course other things I could write here.. But, no. It's not appropriate.

So, how about that puppy?


Kerilou said...

So, you had visitors, and puppies! You are wonderwoman! LOL! I can't believe MORE PUPS!! Too cute! Glad you had a decent time with the co.

Sweet Blessings said...

Hey, do we have the same in-laws...sorry, to laugh, but now I'm not feeling so alone...My in-laws do the same thing all the time, they just pop in and pop-out! You just gotta Luv em'! And, just so you know Mr. PPRM is always off doing something else when his folks are here too?!?!

The puppy is absolutely adorable...that's not helping me a whole lot with my desperate desire for a dog right now :D

I hope you have a great rest of the week...and wooohoooo at least the house cleaning is done! Sweet blessings!

Lauren said...

THanks for the sweet note on my blog. STill reading others. Great fire photo and story...

*karendianne. said...

I read this. Every last letter and oh my head started to pop off! Catching the vibe and keeping my thoughts to myself. "Visiting" - indeed!

Dropping in with ?Love?, *karendianne./ Living Life at LeeHaven

Tami B. said...

Love the puppies. I could curl your hair with in-law stories. You are too kind my friend.

Penny said...

Whoops, well, I was going to say 'glad you had a lovely time!' but maybe I'll change that to 'glad some of it was nice'. Your outdoor fire looks fun!

Dawn said...

R U sure, your the outlaw! Ahh, seems like the visit was nice, the good-bye not so much! Now, can we see more puppy pics??????

Sweet Blessings said...

I just wanted to let you know that I missed you tonight at farmer's always brightens my Friday to get to see your energetic smile and visit! Hope you were doing something wild, crazy, and fun! Sweet blessings!

noble pig said...

Well it sounds good and a bummer at the same time. They should have waited to say goodbye but also great they don't wear out their welcome!