Sunday, September 21, 2008

While The Cat's Away - Huffalumps and Woozles

Greetings From My World!
Yep. That's me in the reflection wearing my workin' mama rain gear.
Ranch style, that is.
No Jimmy Chew shoes here (or whatever they are called).
My husband has been out of town and the kids and I have been
assigned a few tasks in his absense.
Morning and Night.

A new Additon to the Household
This sweet little thing is Pumpkin.
Pumpkin has also created more work!

Some of the puppies
Don't ask me who is who. I give up.
Sami and Dick are in the endless puppy batch cycle.
I am loosing track of who is who. They all look the same
after a while!
Dogs. Black and White. All of them.
These guys are cracking me up. They have itty bitty growls and barks
for all the things that invade their space.

Mr. Sexton was a buying fool at the kids School Open House
this last Thursday. We (obviously) had a desert auction to raise bucks
for our PTCO's 'back to school supply' fund. Our parents do not
have to purchase school supplies. Our PTCO gives the teachers money
to buy (their own darn) class supplies. It's a win win. The teachers know each
student will be equiped. The parents don't have to shop.
The 'less fortunate' kids don't have to arrive without their needed goods if their parents are not in a position with money, or are flakes, drug addicts or selfish pigs. Some parents just really make me mad with the way they treat their children and their children's education. But don't get in the way of their fancy coffee drinks or big screen TV's! Uh uh.
Which happens.

The To Do List Left By Mr. Husband
OK.. These are the types of love notes my husband leaves me when he splits town.
Dude! Get a clue!
The kids and I have been 'lagging' on the check water thing.
But it rained 3/4 of an inch...
Not worried about it.

Dinner for Champions
The Corona is mine... All mine!
Friday night's dinner.
Whole Grain Mac & Cheese, with tasty whole milk and real butter.
When the boss is away, we indulge in highly processed white starchy carbohydrates.
I remind myself of my dad! When my stepmom would go out of town my Dad loaded up on twinkies and other tasty forbidden kid stuff.
Let kids be kids. At least once a year, eh?

Watching TV from the doorway
Carpets got cleaned late Friday. Oops.

Morning and Night Job
Putting up electric fence and taking down electric fence.
Twice a day.


My dear sweet husband has been out of town since about 11:30 am, Friday. Every time this man goes out of town I have grand plans about how much fun I am going to have while he is away! This usually revolves around hours of scrap booking and playing in my crafty zone with the least amount of work as possible!

Mr. Husband returns in 2 or so hours. Guess how much scrappy time I have had?


We have been busy little campers over here at Casa de Sexton Ranches!

Here's the rundown:

  1. The kids and I were given a job to do while Mr. Husband was out of town. We call it our 'Huffalumps and Woozles' job. You see, we 'get to' setup electric fence and take down electric fence, every morning and evening, and move the Huffalumps (Heifers) and Woozles (Direct Market Beef). This job takes us 'a while'. If you toss in going out the back 200, and feeding Jessie, the entire process takes 2 hours! In the morning at least. The pm job goes faster, because just the Huffalumps get moved at night. And of course, we have our usual chores as well. I'm not complaining though. Oh my gosh the weather is so darn beautiful right now! I love the drizze of rain, the smell, the clean air! Gorgeous!
  2. It started raining Friday, about 5:30 pm. It did not end until sometime in the wee hours this morning. Puts a new twist on things... like, the Saturday 10:30 am soccer game the kids had yesterday. GADS! We had to husstle with our morning jobs, get to soccer, and they actually played in the rain the entire dang dong time. OH my.. It was the only game played at the Sports Complex! Diehard coaches. Our team has not yet lost a game. We are the champions.. in a 'nonkeeping score' YMCA liberal minded 'we are all equal' kindof way. Come on. Let us keep score! You know we all are!
  3. The kids and I have been on an everlasting food fest. It started Friday.. I made the kids Mac&Cheese for dinner. A healthy one, of course. No, not really. Just slightly. We chased it with one of our four desserts that we got at the kids school Open House Thursday night. Yesterday we went out for Chinese Food for lunch, and had pizza for dinner. And then more dessert. (Burp.) OH.. and my little sister and I have been enjoying Happy Hour together! Fun... Even though we are 3,500 miles apart, I open a Corona, she makes a margaritta and we call one another and chat. Bliss. Sans the bloated feeling I have!
  4. Oh.. let's not forget to mention the lastest addition to the household! Yep. Another critter! Friday morning Sami went with Dick after our huffalump 'how to' demo. They ended up at the barn, and Sami caught a baby kitten. Minature. On Friday. First day of freedom day became first day of kitty laundry day. I'm glad to say today little miss Pumpkin is potty trained. Alas.
  5. And, not to be outdone by previous Husband Be Gone experiences, I scheduled a home improvement project. I do this everytime my Husband goes out of town! Something epic. Something I don't want to deal with on my own, yet find myself having to be available and supervise the help for several hours type of project. I had our carpets cleaned Friday evening. And, to prep for this event, I spent the morning hours vacuming and arranging things so the job would be easier for the project dude! What a dork I am. Why do I feel the need to make someone else's life easier? Dang. Well, the carpet guy arrived at about 3:30 pm and left at 5:30pm. I was plump tired after that. Which put a damper on Friday night's movie watching plans. Get it? Damper? As in wet carpets and furniture? Ha! I just kill myself sometimes! The kids watched a show upstairs in the doorway to Jakes room (why that room has white carpet is beyond me - and why we put our boy child in it is a testament to my lack of forward thinking) and I watched a mommy show downstairs, atop a sleeping bag, on the floor. Mrs. Pedigrew Lives for a Day. Super Movie!
  6. Let's not forget the guests in my bedroom each night. First Sami on Friday night. Then both kids last night. Oh mama. But heck, they are so darn adorable! And no, they don't get to sleep in the bed. They have sleeping bags in the room. I do have my boundaries afterall.
  7. Last night, pizza night for kids, and salad for mommy night (but caved and ate pizza anyway), we watched Nim's Island. Cuteness! Love the critters. Love the actors/actresses. Jody Foster, you rock!
  8. This morning's after chores breakfast: Peaches and heavy cream, french toast with almond butter and syrup, coffee for mama, juice for kids... and I am so tired (or in a food coma, they feel the same)!
So.. off to napland for this camper!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Sweet Blessings said...

Thanks for giving my day a good boost of laughter...I Love that your Mr. actually leaves you detailed to-do lists...(I'm sure it's not so amusing to you though!) And, your reflection truly was of a cowgirl shining back :D The kitten, way toooo adorable...probably why we have 8 barn cats...I can't resist!!!

You are such an amazing girl...and I'm proud of you having your carpets cleaned right before the winter muck arrives...that's always my excuse for not getting them done :D ha, ha...

Thanks for sharing your wedding rings story..I LOVE hearing other people's life stories...And...the excuses were very valid good ones...There wasn't rain yet in Pendleton, it just seemed like a slow night to me?!?!

I'm glad your cowboy at least left you all with an abundance of sweets to eat in his absence...and it sounds like you found some great movies I'm going to have to find time to check out!!!

Okay, guess I'm writing a book...thanks again for sharing your world....and I am so happy I'm getting the chance to know you! Have a great week! I think it might be your turn to go away and live a list...ha, ha,... Sweet blessings!

Sweet Blessings said...

Oops! I meant leave a list :D

Suzanne C said...

Wow! What a weekend.. I can't believe the amount of work. :O
When my husband leaves... worst thing I might have to do is the garbage. Sorry about the scrapbooking tho... Would have liked to see what you produced. The kitten is adorable and so are those puppies...

Ethel Amutan said...

Good Lord, girl....I'm exhausted from reading about your weekend. You put me to shame! Scrapbooking or not, you've sure been kept busy by your husband's "to-do" list. Yikes! So, that's what it's like to keep up with jobs around the ranch! The food your husband looks absolutely delicious, though. I would've spent all day eating all of that and would've forgotten about the chores. LOL!

Sue McGettigan said...

Lovin' the 'Daddy's gone' diet :) Did you know you can get carpets dyed? Costs very little and voila - new color, boy proof, awesome! We did it a long time ago when we had carpets and it held up really well. Just in case you wanna get rid of the WHITE carpet ...

Kerilou said...

I wish for once you would get off your lazy butt and do something. GEESH! Seriously, you are making me feel very lazy today...very....lazy....
I for one, am a staunch proponent of Kraft Dinner. Two thumbs up!

Kerilou said...!

Lauren said...

lol... wow! great recap!!!

and your crazy schedule makes me feel a bit sheepish for not getting to "play" (aka plan what I am going to do on my scrappy retreat and what I am going to take - i have NO clue!)...