Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday Words - Fall Out

A Week In the Life... Recap of Monday

  1. Up early. Different Bed (Jake came down to our room, I went up to his). Lousy night's sleep. Too much on my mind. Previous evening drama.
  2. Before Everyone Else Wakes - The crazy routine: Kitchen prep, kid's breakfast prep, visit Pumpkin Kitty. A few stretches and coffee.
  3. Check for any last minute Boise orders via email.
  4. Husband rolls out about 5:30..
  5. Wake kids at 5:45...
  6. Kids at table, and do the 'lets go' count down til 6:25. (focus, no talking, drink your juice, etc.)
  7. Kids and I out the door at 6:30 to go catch bus.
  8. Send them off with a kiss... I love those guys....
  9. Speedy Chore Detail: Puppies, lambs, calf, chickens, cats.
  10. Shower.
  11. Dress. Primp.
  12. Gather all Boise paperwork: orders, inventory binders, to-do lists.
  13. Pack car with Boise stuff, (icechest, paperwork, etc.) and breakfast in Tupperware..
  14. Hit road: 7:45am... 2 1/2 hour drive ..
  15. Stop in Baker.. gas up, get a coffee, and grab Chorizo for one customer...
  16. Drive 2.5 hours. Obsess on fight husband and I had night prior... Contemplate options.
  17. Stop at processors in Nampa. Pick up meat for customers...
  18. Drive to Boise... another 30 minutes... hang out in Albertson's Parking Lot.. Beautiful Day in Boise! I am early... For a change! Go into Albertson's... notice very tasty deli department...
  19. Sushi and a Mary Engelbreight Magazine for lunch! Wish I took a photo.. Sushi was beautiful - Tuna.. Yummmmm...
  20. Meet customers... 1/4 beef, 1/2 lamb and chorizo, and some other cuts.
  21. Head back to processor.. Load up remaining meat.
  22. Drive to storage. Unload all meat.
  23. Drive to Baker. 2 1/2 hours. More contemplative thoughts: husband, work, life, children, love? What do you sacrifice in order to keep the balance? What do you sacrifice in order for your children to be in a secure environment? I feel I am the sacrificial lamb.
  24. Cell phone rings: Lil' Sis Paulita. Jury Duty recap! She gives me her worst day recount, I give her mine..
  25. Gas Up. Again.
  26. Drive Home. 4:15 pm Cell phone rings. Sweet daughter.. She and son took bus home and no one is home. I tell her I am on my way.. start homework and snack.
  27. Arrive home 4:45pm...
  28. Check Mail! THE BOX HAS ARRIVED!!!!! The box from Jacqueline.. My friend in France, who sent this baby back on June 30th! It's here! Every little scrappy sweet piece! Jacqueline is a woman of God. Is this the the answer to my prayer? Our lives can have beauty and love, just perhaps not in the shape or form we had hoped? I have asked God to help me. Give me guidance.
  29. It's the evening routine.. Homework, chores, dinner, prep for tomorrow.
  30. I make dinner in silence. Hamburger, brown rice, salad, yellow squash.
  31. 6:30 pm We all eat at the table. No eye contact between His and Hers. Yet, kids are adorable. Thank God.
  32. Tidy up the kitchen. Sami paints, Jake reads. Dick is plugged into the TV, I go upstairs to my computer, with a cookie and milk.
  33. 8pm: kids to bed.
  34. A little later.. I crawl into bed. Cozy. Warm. A beautiful night's rest.


Lauren said...

wow!!! crazy! and cool about the package!

I haven't yet posted any of my week in the life. I read Ali's post today with her examples and I am thinking that I will buy her digi kits and prehaps actually do what she did. Not totally sure, still thinking about it and trying to find some other completed projects before I truly decide.

Are you going to create a project with yours?

ScrappyPam said...

How cool that you finally got the package!

Hope the husband thing works out for the best for you. I've had quite a few of those conversations with myself. Perhaps we all do at some point! {{hugs}}

Suzanne C said...

Andi... prayers to you.. I know we all have been there. I am glad your package arrived to brighten your day.

Sweet Blessings said...

Hello there sweet girl....Praying this week finds you with a little time just for "You"...I think the "cowgirl" life sometimes lends itself to "those" conversations and days! But, I'm praying it was just a day and the rest of your week is filled with happy, fun times! Sweet blessings!

noble pig said...

You seriously need an assistant.

Kerilou said...

Sometimes you just need a quiet day to reflect, and it sounds like that was a good day for one. Hope things are better-Keri

Sue McGettigan said...

Oh Andi, if only we could get together for a girl's night - margaritas and much discussion! I'm sleeping on a sofabed right now, and contemplating those large life questions :) All will be just as it should, that's how life works.