Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday - Words

I didn't take any photos today...

BUT, if I were to try to do Ali's style of words + photos for a Week in the Life segment mine would look something like this for Sunday (so far):

(Note: GAWD! I just don't think I could do this documentation every day!)...
  1. Alarm first goes off at 4am. Husband's alarm. Husband who does not get up, but lets alarm go off every 7 minutes until 5am. Contemplate stuffing pillow over husband's, no, no, I mean clock! Husband's clock! yeah, that's it!
  2. I get up... way much earlier than I had planned... 4somthingish. I had hoped to sleep in until 7am, since came home from a 15 hour work day at 10:30pm!
  3. Clean up kitchen area from babysitter and Jake's previous night festivities.
  4. Clean up broken lantern glass by woodstove from babysitter and Jake's previous night festivities.
  5. Contemplate the benefits of a 16 year old boy-child babysitter...
  6. Let Pumpkin, the cutest kitten in the world, out of the laundry room to play.
  7. Contemplate the kitten's litter box... wondering why I am always the 'pick up' lady. Decide I need a drink.
  8. Make Coffee!!!! Gulp.
  9. Husband wakes.. Disrupts silence with radio. Talk Radio.
  10. Retreat to computerland. See wazzup for Stamptoberfest, etc.
  11. 7am: Husband leaves for work (out there, on the ranch), I wake Jake, (Sami is at a slumber party).
  12. I go to do outdoor kid chores: feed Sami's calf, feed Sami's puppies, catch Sami's mommy dog and put her back in pen, fix hole in pen, feed Sami & Jake's lambs
  13. I proceed to do my outdoor chores: compost, trash, kitty box
  14. I hear funky crying noise from sheep field.. Listen....
  15. Jump on wet quad (it's been raining the last 2 days) in jammies to go rescue Sami's goat - the source of the noise. Thank God no one can see me for miles!
  16. See Betty, the goat, has her head stuck in a fence. Get goat unstuck. A few tugs on her ears to get those horns turned just right..
  17. Go back to house area.
  18. Walk down the lane, check yesterday's mail.
  19. Go home.
  20. Look at clock. It's only 8am. Feeling extremely tired, and perhaps sleep deprived.
  21. Contemplate the benefits of staying up late only to get up early and work.
  22. Decide I am going to take it slow.........
  23. Eat 2 plumbs and leftover tuna that I share with Pumpkin.
  24. Vacume under my desk.
  25. Decide I am going to have to play in my craft room.
  26. 11:45 am: Drive to Haines to get Sami from slumber party. Learn she was the only girl that came to the slumber birthday party and I was the only mom that RSVP'd. I feel so sorry for other mom and daughter! I feel they need a bouquet of flowers.. Both of them. The girls had fun... The mom worked too hard...
  27. Home at 12:15pm.
  28. All of us make lunch - hamburgers, heart, eggplant, tomatoes w/mayo, carrot sticks, celery sticks, water.
  29. 1:45. Lunch is over. Kids get sent to take naps - they are both very tired from their previous day's activities!
  30. Upload the card I made earlier onto 2Peas for 4 challenges!
  31. Feeling like I got some me time! Finally!
  32. 2:35 pm. Here I am!
  33. Now, gotta think about tomorrow.. Going to Boise to make deliveries. Need to make calls, invoices, etc. Plan out the whole day.
  34. Gotta think about dinner. Laundry. All of It.
  35. sigh.
Back to #30... It was nice while it lasted!

And there you have it...


Suzanne C said...

What happened to Sunday being a day of rest. :( I was glad you got to play a little in the challenges today.

noble pig said...

I need an Advil after all that! Whew!

Kerilou said...

Good grief!!

DominoDebi said...

I am so sorry for your loss of Toes. Both you and Arlene are in my thoughts right now - losing a beloved pet can sometimes be more painful than losing a person.

As I told Arlene, I doubt if this will cheer you, but it might prove to be a welcome distraction. Anne Gaal tagged me, so I tagged you. If you come to my blog, you can join in.

(Although I don't know how you're going to squeeze it in - merciful heavens you have a busy schedule!)

Deborah aka Gigi 001 at HA Flickr GRoup

Jacqueline said...

Love Nr. 1!

Amanda said...

Very funny! You sound super busy!

Arlene said...

When I saw Anne tag you, I checked you off my list as I knew you would be busy with home life and with Anne's tag.

I'm glad I participated. It was great being home yesterday to recoup lost sleep and get stable.

Take care! (aka Clarian's Hawk)