Thursday, December 11, 2008

14 Days Until Christmas! - Recap of Tree Day (Dec 6 & 7)

Our Tree
This is one shot. Still some work to be done.
Notice the slight tilt.

Me and Jake
Can you find Jake?
Too funny!
See the cowboys and Indians on the tree???

One of Sami's CloseUp shots
That would be of one of her favorite ornaments

Our Tree - Somewhat Decorated!
(I am going backwards with my photos-I load them in order of events,
but they post in reverse! sorry!)
We have all sorts of homemade ornaments!
Look toward the top.. See the quilted heart?
That's from my Grandpa Leonard's own quilt.
I shared that story last year...
I'll try to link up the post...
Here it is!
Our special star is not on yet.
Dick got home Monday night, and his back is killing him.
Another day!

The Photo Elf!
Sami took my camera and snapped quite a few of her view
of our Christmas Decorating Day (last Sunday)
She has several of these ever so adorable elf shots!!!
So stinking cute!
Note to self: Make elf collages for scrapbooks

Jake - Who's job it was to assist with lights
Hmm.. Looks like he is testing the lights on his temple!
Men are such a mystery... At any age!
This the the very first year Jake actually helped decorate.
Usually he is not interested.
Thanks little buddy!!

The Crew!
Sami was in charge.
Snap snap snap!
She hustled us on Sunday.
Our rules:
1. Everyone had to be dressed
2. Chores had to be done
3. Mexican Hot cocoa and Christmas Tunes
had to be in supply!

Me - Putting up the lights!
I am 5' 5". I am standing on a chair.
This is the tallest tree we have had yet.
Thanks to our neighbors inviting us to go cut one with them!

Grandma Pat? Did you do some decor before hitting the road?

The Tree Setter Uppers
Two little boys under the tree!
They are so darn cute... Mine is on the right.
Gotta love cub scouts.
I would like to point out that that MAN is not my husband.
Let's call him a backup, or rental.
Which, at times a plenty, I wish I had! A backup that is.
Anyway, he's actually our neighbor! My friend's husband.
And he is 6 feet 2" tall. My living room peaks at 20'.
This is the tallest tree we have gotten!
Because I am short.
And it's always just the kids and me to get the tree.
We cut down trees this past Saturday.

Our Tree!
Two things to notice.
See how that tree leans? It does that in the house too!
Not quite the same pitch, but I know it is leaning!
And, no snow! Dry as a bone.
That all changes tomorrow..

Our Permit!
Five dollars. The best tree ever!

Only 14 days until Christmas. Yes, we are counting the days! Thought I would just pick a few different moments from our holiday prep, etc. to share with you every now and then over the next couple weeks.

Today's share is 'Our Tree'.

Wait 'till you see the gingerbread houses!!!!


Kelly Booth said...

Wow Andi....I envy you living in the country and cutting your own tree and even expecting snow!!!
We are not doing a tree this year...just the two of us and too much work!
I will enjoy seeing all your Holiday photos!
Your tree is beautiful....

Suzanne C said...

Wow! Love the tree, decorations and pictures of the family working on the tree. My favorite part is the tilt in the tree. I have many fond memories of me and my sister's little apartment with many a tree tied to the back door handle. :)

Sweet Blessings said...

Whooohoooo you've got your tree up and the Christmas spirit seems to be surrounding your home :D I Loved your tree...and all the pictures of the fun putting it up! Sami is getting really great at picture taking...I think I could use some lessons (everyone in her shots seem to still have their heads :D)! Thanks for sharing...and for being YOU! You are such a sweet blessing to my heart and to so many others....May you have a wonderful weekend...hope the snow doesn't get too deep! Sweet blessings!

noble pig said...

I love your tree, it's beautiful!

How do you get away with such light colored carpet on the farm?

Jacqueline said...

Love seeing your photos, having a peek into your lovely home, looking through the windows and seeing the snow!! My son would envy your snow, he so hopes we have some this year!

Kerilou said...

Your tree reminds me of ours, as a kid on the farm! You guys look like you are having SUCH fun. Really relayed in your photos. Thanks for sharing!