Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread Houses (Made on December 5th)

Gingerbread House Loot
The Before Shot
Home Made Gingerbread House Panels!
(and the source of the cowboys and Indians that have
been 'propped' through out the house!)

The Best Babysitter In the World!
With the best kids of course!
This guy rocks!
He brought all these goodies!!!

Sami's Gingerbread House
Click on image to check out the deets!
Can you find the cookie critters? Cowboys? Indians?
Gummy bears? Gummy Bear Tent?

Jake's Gingerbread House
Click to Enlarge
Can you find the Gummy Bear's surrounding the Christmas Tree?
Note to self: Take another photo of cute little candy canes at
front of house/lane!


Remember the Gala night when my mother Pat and I hit the town?

While we were off the kids got to spend their time with the best babysitter in the world...

The best!

I have known this sweet young man since he was 10. We spend Christmas Eve or Day with his family, and the kids just love him. He plays. He is a kid. And there is always an adventure to be had when Jarrod comes to play/work! Jake is always worn out and tuckered when we get home... Sometimes there's a mishap or two. But, alas, it goes with the 'play' part of their adventures. I have learned to let it be...

Anyway, our babysitter arrived with all sorts of goodies to keep the kidlets in pure sugar heaven. You know, one for the artist, one for the house? Jarrod's mom made the gingerbread panels and train parts... She deserves a huge medal! Love that family!

The kids were still awake at 'just before' 10pm when we got home! They were so dissapointed we came home early.. but once they hit the pillows, they were out!!!

A great night for all...

Sugarplums definitely danced in their heads!

fa la la la la!


Kelly Booth said...

Yum Andi....
Looks like your kids had just as much fun as you and your Mom...

Sweet Blessings said...

What amazing Gingerbread houses they created...and what a great kid watcher....I'm thinking he is definitely going to grow up to be a great Father one-day!!! How very sweet & AWESOME was that...Did a part of you want to stay home and create too ??? :D I hope you had a nice cozy warm's FREEZING here, so I'm afraid it must be very cold in your neck of the woods too....I hope you have a great week....that it's filled with LOTS of warm special moments...Sweet blessings!

*karendianne. said...

Those Gingerbread houses are toooooo cute. Very fun and totally amazing for them to get to do. As usual, things are so cool over there at the Sexton Ranch.

Lauren said...

Oh wow! Great gingerbread houses... love the train (I'm a train kinda gal).

Arlene said...

Looks like you guys have been having a great time - tree looks great. Happy days - love the great ginger bread houses.

Kerilou said...

What a great babysitter you have!! The houses are great!!