Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

(I'm catching up!)

Christmas Eve - Gifties for Our Neighbor Dinner Hosts!

I just love these adorable little critters!!!
The boxes hold the Willow Tree Angel Ornaments

Our Hosts Casa
Each Christmas Eve or Day we get together with a neighbor family.
Remember our Favorite Babysitter?
This is his family.
They live in an awesome farm house which they remodeled!
The weather was VERY FRIGHTFUL!
When we left it for the dinner it was blowing and snowing.
Mr. Sexton Slipped, fell, and hurt his back on the route home.
He is still in pain.
Every Christmas we seem to have an accident!
Last year? Ski Accident.
(He needs my trick of wearing sorrels instead of slick Cowboy boots!)

Christmas Eve Baking Session
Yes. Again. A Mad Woman in the kitchen!
I think I did 7 dozen. Lost count.
Monster cookies and a secret chocolate tasty cookie.
These babies are for 'the locals'
(see that cute steer head? Sami's creation!)

Christmas Eve on the Ranch
My midday drive to the Store to get 1/2 and 1/2 for the EggNog
We call this tree the Opera Singer.
Yep. I had to go to the store.
Forgot that I needed 1/2 and 1/2 for our homemade Eggnog!
But it was a great getaway from the sweatshop.


We are still savoring the sweet joys of our Christmas Season... The Eve (Mrs. Claus' Wild Ride), The Day of (Woke way too early by a little girl, Happy, Tired), and the lazy days following all the excitement (savoring every moment).

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noble pig said...

It's all so beautiful! Oregon has just been pounded with the snow. On our own property 30 miles from the coast we had two feet which is just weird!