Monday, December 22, 2008

Wrap Up of Kid School Holiday Activities

The 3rd and 4th Grade Class Filling Out their Special 'Jennifer McGuire' Cards
Jennifer had some extra cards that needed a good home.
I volunteered the entire school to fill cards out
for a nursing home!
They are getting delivered tomorrow.

Teacher Gifts
The little boxes contain cookies that Sami and I made
(I just love these snowmen ornaments and wish I bought more!)

Santa Baby!
He always makes an appearance at our little school.
We were at the school until 9pm on the night of the Christmas Program
waiting for Jake to get through
the line for Santa.
He and his pals were at the end.
And, you know, he was more into his friends than Santa.

Jake on the left, and one of his pals on the Right
We have graduated to 'let's play on Santa's lap with friends'
instead of really telling Santa what one wants
Sami refused to sit on Santa's lap.
She is a big girl now.

Sami is in front, in the middle with her friends
Jake is in the back
Cute bowtie, eh?

Scoop front and center!
Our son is a little ham.
He is such a crack up!
There was a dance scene and he was really 'breakin'.
I'm talking major dance moves, New York Stage style.
I swear I saw him jump up in the air and attempt the splits!

The principle (who doubles as Sami's teacher) came over to visit
afterward and said 'Jake is such a good actor, I didn't realize
how fun he is!
Oh she will when he is in her classroom next year!
One of those 'cursed be the gift' things.


So, we wrapped up all the school holiday activities (finally) last week!

1. First, we had the School Holiday Program - which was Dec. 11th. Jake was in the play on the stage (He was Scoop in the Christmas at the OK Corral, and Sami was in the choir singing.

Our little town lucked out with a clear night - meaning no snow.. The girls could wear fancy shoes and dresses without fear of sliding on ice.. Personally, I don't venture out without my Sorels. Fashion or not. Call me cautious. And a dork. But, I have landed on my tush before and I don't want to do it again!

2. Then, I helped with a project to have all the kids fill out special cards from Jennifer McGuire for a local nursing home.. Fun stuff! Each class completed them on different days. I helped in the 3rd/4th grade class.

3. December 18th: Lastly, the school parties, which means the last day of school and getting all the teacher gifts, bus driver gifts and favorite 'extra' teacher (music, etc.) gifts made, along with cards, and delivered! Jake's room celebrated Christmas Around the World. I took Mexican Hot Cocoa for the class. I had a little accident along the drive. Since the driveway was full of new snow, I 'punch it' when I back out so I don't get stuck. Oops.. Cocoa sloshed everywhere. Repeat performance while navigating the driveway and going over the cattle guard!

The Good News: Today my husband plowed the driveway so I can get out and go shopping tomorrow! The Bad News: Another storm is coming tonight! HA!

So.. Now the kids are home (have been for 4 days) and bouncing off the walls! You moms know the routine. It is CRAZY with anticipation of Christmas! Well, for all of us to be told. Thank Goodness for oodles of snow to play in! Sami has been building a fort in the backyard, and Jake has been busy catching a cold and then doing what he can to turn it into Pnemonia! I caught him outside deep in the snow, without his hat, and just covered. Crazy kid.

Just sharing our lives over here!


Suzanne C said...

Wow! Love the pictures from school. You left us hanging on the picture you used for your Christmas cards! Glad they can get out in the snow. We are having such cold weather that the kids are going crazy in the house.

Guy Magallanes said...

I loved seeing the hand painted prickly pear cactus next to one of the Santa pictures, kinda goes with the mexican hot chocolate and Christmas. You have such a great sense of humor! Don't know how you DO it ALL!

Kelly Booth said...

Such a fun time with children...sure wish mine were young again...miss that!
Stay warm Andi and have a fun time shopping....

Tami B. said...

Sounds like you have a fun school. Enjoy the holidays.

Sweet Blessings said...

Hello there busy girl :D

I Loved ths post...and you have been a busy one...the kids are so darn cute! And, I absolutely LOVED your packaging of the teacher's adorable!!! Most of all, I'm glad you are getting time to enjoy the gift of motherhood...and the craziness of the season....Hope you got all your shopping done and that Santa is very good to you in return this year! May your Christmas be blessed with the Love of Jesus, warm hearts, and many, many Sweet blessings!

Vintage Papers said...

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If there is beauty in the character,
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So let it be.

~Scottish Blessing

Merry Christmas!

Jacqueline said...

Such cozy homely photo's conveying the love you share between you all!
Many blessings for the Christmas season!

Sue McGettigan said...

Merry Christmas Andi! That school program looks like fun, and now your car has the lovely aroma of Mexican hot cocoa - yummy :)

glitzen said...

Great pics! Your kiddos are such cuties. I loved the bow tie. Merry Christmas Andi!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Sounds like ya'll have been busy with fun, wintry, holiday activities! :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Hoping you and yours have a fabulous holiday season!